Reasons I love and hate Boracay, Philippines

Reasons I love and hate Boracay, Philippines

Boracay was termed as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The first class island in the Philippines has captured the hearts of many specially the rich and famous who escape to this paradise during holidays and weekends.

Boracay Philippines

I lost count of how many times I’ve passed in this place. Not because I’m rich, but its near my hidden paradise in Antique and whenever I travel, the ferry always pass by near this island.

I’ve lost count of how many times I went to this island too. Sometimes I went with family, sometimes with friends, sometimes just by myself. Spending a long bit of time in this island is enough to know the real issues behind the island’s beauty. That is why I love and hate that beautiful island.


I love the first class island in the Philippines because although a bit expensive, you can still travel in Boracay island on a budget of $23 day, I’m sure locals can travel less than that. You can still find affordable accommodations by the beach if you do your research well.

However, I hate it because $23/day still feels like a ripped off specially when I travelled and lived in equally beautiful places in other countries for $10/day.

firedancers in Boracay, Philippines

I love Boracay because of the community and the beautiful/handsome people you can see while strolling. The people for me are an added tourist attraction already.

I hate it because the original settlers, the Ati community, are shunned.. they are the original owners yet these indigenous people have little rights in their own land. Here’s some serious words from my friend Maria Reinita Navarro:

The making of Boracay is a blatant IP social injustice displacing the ATI tribe who lived there since time immemorial… the whole area is their ancestral domain but now the rich and famous took it from the ATI and placed the whole tribe in a 2 hectare village a mere fraction of the roughly 1,000-hectare island where their ancestors once roamed freely…. worst these land grabbers grabbers destroyed the natural resources for commercialism and desecrate the tribe’s sacred areas…

I love Boracay because it is one of the reason why the Philippines is famous.

I hate Boracay because since it’s famous, almost all people want to go there.. During peak season, there’s a joke that if all people will jump at the same time, there’s a possibility it will sink xD..

I love Boracay because it’s like a mini city with lots of choices of activity.. You can go shopping and dine in different restaurants of your choice.

I hate it because buildings are sprouting everywhere.. You escaped the city yet it feels like you’re still in the city.. give the island a chance to breathe will ya?


So there goes my reasons. How about you? What do you love and hate about Boracay too? Would love to hear your rants and raves.

i love and hate boracay

4 thoughts on “Reasons I love and hate Boracay, Philippines

  1. I spent last winter based on Boracay and although i was not on the island for most of the time i started to hate returning there.
    I found Boracay to be so polluted, noisy, overcrowded and just so expensive compared to other islands in the Philippines.
    Along the long White Beach so much erosion is taking place. Bulabag beach has sewage flowing into the water.
    Boracay seriously needs to be shut down for a year or two so that the island itself can rest and recover from all the damage that mankind has done to it.
    I definitely will never be returning to Boracay.

  2. Greetings Grasya,

    I’m glad to hear about your sympathy for the Ati community. Their situation is starting to improve but they still need moral support from the public. If only more people were made aware of their cause, it would help change the attitudes of most visitors who treat Boracay as a night club, and maybe save both the Ati and the island from commercial greed.

    If you’d like to learn more about what’s happening to the Ati community of Boracay, please read the ff:

    Thanks Grasya, and best wishes on all your future travels. :)


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