What to do when you don’t want to work

I have allowed myself to be MIA (missing in action) from this blog for the past few weeks.. it feels liberating to be able to not do things because I don’t feel like doing anything.. Yeah these are my lazy moments.. I said it, I said coz I can… yeah you can sing to the tune of the lazy song by Bruno Mars..


Thank you to my current sponsor, mom’s sari sari store, for supplying endless hopia, biscuits and yoghurt drink.

Actually, when tracing the root cause of my zombie mode nowadays, it was because of a nationwide audit project for an expensive high end phone and a passion project.. the pressure was at a tsunami level and at the end of the paid project, I felt like a harassed zombie.

The quality of work was 5 stars according to myself, because I’m the country coordinator, so I should tap myself at the back. Oh yeah, client also gave me a virtual kudos.. Dear client, I’ll be asking for a talent fee raise on the next virtual kudos ha? :D

After the short term project, my brain is squeezed like an orange err dalandan and no matter what motivation I do, I just drift out to dreamland and snooze… for 20 hours. You wake up to motivate yourself but brain doesn’t budge.

Don’t tell me you don’t go thru a phase of your life like this. Oh, you can’t because even if you want to, you can’t afford to loose your job or you’ll die.. Sorry.

So I’ll try to help you when you’re stuck and in a similar situation. Here’s what you can do even if you don’t have the time or money yet to be a lazy fairy.


1. If you have a regular job – what are leaves for? Use it! Going to work on zombie mode does not add up to your productivity level, and it makes you easily irritated and eventually creates a ripple effect of distress to other workmates. So isolate yourself early, and rest and do things you enjoy. Trust me, when you go back to work, you’ll be more energized.

2. Do a thing that you love. I travel. It reenergizes me and regenerates my right brain cells. My projects involved travelling but it’s different when you travel to a place just for a break. So far, I’ve traveled to different provinces this year for work and holidays.. now I need to find a way to humbly brag about it and not motivate thieves to steal in our house instead.

No money to travel yet? Temporarily suppress travel needs but make sure you make yourself happy by doing stuff that makes you happy. If I don’t travel, here’s what I do that you can do too:

3. I sleep. Hopefully I can generate money from this hobby.. :D

4. Watch social media mindlessly.. I know it’s like watching tv but this time I control what I wanted to see. It’s very addicting though, so I advice you to have an accountability buddy who will spank the hell out of you if u fall to the trap of being a social media addict.

5. Snuggle with a loved one. If it’s a human, then good. Apparently, I can only snuggle with pets at the moment but Im not complaining :P

6. Catch up with friends. I’m not the most sociable person so you are lucky if we get to be friends. Kidding :D.. Having a group or a community makes you feel alive and welcome. It will also make you feel that you’re not the only weirdo around here, you have a squad to do weird things together.

7. Write. Or keep a blog. This is a hobby that let’s me generate some decent income.. and I get paid to do what I want to do. So thank you so much to those who never failed to read my crazy mind, I do appreciate you. Thank you more to my sponsors, I love you for paying me to do what I want or not want to do..

8. Do cooking experiments. I’m proud to say all my human testers are still alive :D



9. Read a book or if you don’t like reading, watch a movie.

10. Listen to some soothing music. There was a time when my anxiety level is at maximum, so I do meditation, and listen to music that I like.

Rest is important to humans in order to be healthy. I remembered when I had a full time job, I used to take vitamins as energy boosters, but it fakes the feeling of energy and it may cause more serious sickness later on. I’m not a doctor but I do my research on healthy living. You can take a look at my Guide to Self Sustainability group to get more tips.

Creating passive income streams are also important if you want to take a break for a very long time. My passive income streams are decent so I can afford the luxury to not do anything for a certain time. It’s never too late to invest in one.


Not many people are granted to do the work that they want to do. So this also adds to the stress of daily living. Oh yeah, and that horrible traffic and that horrible boss.

So let’s be frank, if you feel lazy, please listen to your body. Rest well, and hopefully, you’ll regain the strength to be a productive person again.

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