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How to Survive (and Enjoy) Traffic

Are you frustrated with the never ending traffic in Metro Manila? I spent college and early yuppie days in the big city, and my horrible challenge is to put up with traffic and not get late.

That was 10+ years ago.. fast forward to today.. and it’s still a problem ^_^

metro manila traffic edsa jam
Sooo like climate change adaptation, in order to survive, people need to adapt too.. like accepting the fact that traffic is part of the life xD..

But for those who are in culture shock, I hear you.. So to ease your pain, here’s a few suggestions for you to not pull your hair while in the middle of the road sitting for 2-3 hours waiting for you to go to your destination that seems like eternity..

Before you go out
1. Monitor traffic going to your destination. Try to postpone your travel to another time or plan alternative routes where there is less traffic.
2. Always make sure you have ready snacks with you because you never know how terrible the traffic is..
3. Pee before undertaking this extra challenge.
4. If you are in the airport, be aware that certain taxis may be a ripped off and they will take advantage of the traffic situation. If you don’t have a private vehicle to fetch you, make sure you choose which airport transfer services suit your needs.

During Taffic
4. Take the traffic opportunity to catch up on sleep. Yep, I did that during those times I was deprived of sleep during college exams and the only chance for me to sleep was in a bus.. but make sure you don’t oversleep because you still have to go down your destination.

5. Do some hobby like read a book, listen to music, or compose a poem.. I created a poem during a long bus ride one time.. that time was spent perfectly well

6. Pray or meditate. I do these to calm my nerves and live the present moment. Sometimes there are people who worry too much, yet the projected problem never really happened.. so pray or ohm might help.

7. If it’s in your route, take MRT or LRT trains instead of sitting your butt out for a few hours. Prepare to get squeezed in like sardines though.

8. Ok, here’s a fun way to survive traffic.. for the adventurous, bring your date on the road where there’s heavy traffic.. and test her or his patience.. This is also a fancy and creative way to date.. I’m pretty sure you won’t see cranky people on the road if all these people were on dates :D… if you are reading this cupid, get some work done! please :D

edsa metro manila traffic jam

9. For the elitists who don’t mind spending large bucks, there’s helicopter rides already. Problem solved.

Soooo how about you? How do you cope up with this apparently normal lifestyle? ^_^

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