Greece: Dream Travel Destination Series

Greece: Dream Travel Destination Series

Greece has an impression to me as an ancient country that is rich in history and culture.. I knew this country thru English literature class during those school days but I still look forward to seeing Greece in person… well I want to visit all countries in this Earth actually xD.. let’s see what we can check out in Greece

1. Visit Zakynthos, or Zante as it’s often known. It’s one of the most popular resorts to explore in Greece. The Philippines already have lots of resorts considering its an archipelgo.. but of course Greece is a different country. Hopefully I can find a great deal that is within my budget..

2. Visit Mykonos. It’s the first time I’ve heard about this place, just because a friend, Mehmet, has pictures of those.. I just notice almost all of the buildings are painted in white.. not sure what is the reason, but it blends well in the blue sea background. And they are indeed fascinating.

3. Go to Athens. This capital and largest city in Greece must be on my list. I only read about Athens in books specially that it’s one of the oldest cities with a very impressive history considered as the birthplace of civilization. I wouldn’t miss visiting Acropolis, or “Sacred Rock”, the most famous archeological monument in Europe.

4. Try out Greek cuisine.. and learn how to cook them! Moussaka, an eggplant or potato based dish is on my to-eat list.. I’ve looked around and think Souvlaki looks interesting too… it actually looks like Shawarma.. we’ll see what it actually taste like when i get to eat the real thing.

Ok at the moment, this is a draft itinerary and I have yet to learn more about this fascinating country.. for now, bear with me while I do steps to make my travel dreams come true..

Really scary and exciting that my dream to travel is becoming true.. ^_^ Future looks really bright ;)

So, what else do you think I should do in Greece? ^_^

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