10 Practical Holiday Gifts for Travelers

10 Practical Holiday Gifts for Travelers

For those looking on what to give this holiday season to travelers, here’s stuff that I found necessary while traveling. I have used some of them and can highly recommend them as gifts to fellow travelers. Check them out, and if you find a stuff that you need, feel free to send this link to Santa Claus. ^_^

1. Scarf. Scarf is the most useful stuff I bring on my travels. You can use this as a fashion essential to cover your bulges, or your small mammary glands. Aside from that, you can also use it as a substitute for towel, blanket, and handkerchief, and if you can be creative, a big scarf can be a dress too.. Very practical indeed.

grasya with scarf in Nepal

2. High End phone that functions as a camera, video, internet device, gameboy, etc. You can work and/or play at the same time while you are traveling. I have a cheap phone that I use mostly when traveling because it doesn’t break and if it gets lost, I won’t have a heart ache. But recently, I felt that need to have a high end phone for my online projects, good thing I got them for free because of my postpaid plan. Now, that’s what you call practical :P

Note: As a traveler, one must also consider the quality of images you capture. It is a good thing to have your own handy camera that’ll capture your escapade. For this, one must consider buying their own digital camera. For this you might want to consider a professional dslr, a mirrorless camera, a point-and-shoot camera like the canon powershot g3, or an action camera.

3. Backpack with wheels. The wheels will give the backpack a dual purpose so when you get a backache, you can wheel the baggage instead. My cousin gave this kind of backpack to me, so thank you sooo much ate Liza xx

4. Swiss knife, pepper spray and other self defense tools. This is important especially for women travelers.

5. First aid kits. If something happens and hospital is far, it’s better to learn first aid and a first aid kit should be handy.

6. Beauty kits. Some travelers want to look chick and posh while still traveling so a beauty kit that contains powder, cologne, etc is a gift that every traveler will be delighted with.

7. Tech gadgets such as laptop. I’m just putting it out here because my laptop needs to be replaced soon. Here’s my paawa effect image:



8. Hotel vouchers. Some people love to travel outdoors, but some love to just stay in their accommodation and just.. stay there. Yeah I know people like these. That’s why the word staycation is invented. Some people travel to a place, then when they get to the place, instead of exploring, they just go around their hotel and sleep.. Understandable when you’re traveling with senior citizens. ^_^ The perfect gift for them are hotel vouchers. If you look around my website, I’m giving discount staycation vouchers. Feel free to use them ^_^.. That’s my mom in a hotel we got for free, thank you sponsors ^_^


9. Airmiles or a free ticket elsewhere. Because you are giving gifts to travelers. Duh. My Air asia bigshot id is 7310008540 and Cebu pacific getgo number is 2030241901, thank you. I do prefer land travel though.. but it’s difficult when you’re located in the Philippines when the fastest way to get out of this country is by air.

10. Travel funds. Let’s cut the chase. Sometimes you are given a gift that you don’t want. So better give the funds to buy the gift that you want no? ^_^


So there’s my suggested list of items to give travelers this holiday season. Any practical stuff to add up in the list? ^_^

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