Where to go next? My dream travel itinerary

Where to go next? My dream travel itinerary

This was an old story last year that I have updated.. aside from bringing my mom last year in Thailand and Vietnam for her first international travel, not much have happened just to let you know I’m still dreaming to go to the countries I will mention below xD… and I will keep annoying you dear readers until the goal has been achieved. :D


Ok, I know I already have so many mis adventures under my belt, the last one was when a plane diverted back from where we have departed due to weather conditions, not once but twice in the same day!

And despite that, I also know for a fact that whenever I get stressed, or into trouble, I only get facebook stares.. I understand my crazyness is solely my responsibility.. And if I get sick, prepare for a laugh.

when I am sick
And not to mention the last time I announced my plans of traveling 2 years ago, a family clan member got sick or got into an accident and our house got robbed..
So why am I still pursuing my passion?


Because really I want to prove to anyone that this average looking dark skinned lady can travel and that any other average person can travel too.. so please don’t envy ok?

grasya in motorcycle

There are more challenges now that I have a few family responsibilities like taking care of my mom, or how to help my aunt manage the farm.. I was actually thinking to bring my oldies to my international travels too because they deserve it.


First, I’m bringing my mom to Thailand and Vietnam soon.. it’s payback time for her since she’s the primary reason why I grew up loving travel even on budget anyway.. (UPDATE: Mom went to Thailand and Vietnam and missed Filipino food while we’re on the road)

Hopefully next time I can travel with my Aunt out of the country too coz she deserves to see other places other than the farm.

beautiful Thailand

So where do I plan to go next?

I’m looking into countries where only few travelers have visited.. because they are the countries less traveled. And it’s my niche ;D.. talking about how I can afford to go there is another story.

I already bought a ticket to Dubai..  then I’ll have to figure out where to go after that.. probably Turkey or Georgia, this will depend on the budget and circumstances. (UPDATE: Bought ticket to Dubai but didn’t went.. yep, I hated myself)

I’m also eyeing at Australia. I don’t really like to just go there, shoot and run back home.. As you see I love long term travels where I get to soak in the culture and do roadtrips in the country. But it’s an expensive country so this song is in my head – dream, the impossible dream.


Who knows what the future holds.


I’m also looking at living in Europe too. More like spending a year or two and learn another language. Austria still fascinates me specially because it’s where my favorite movie the sound of music was filmed. I want to visit Switzerland too and observe how people live in that peaceful country.

Spain is high on the list specially that the Philippines have more than 300 years of Spanish influence, so it would nice to see and enjoy the true Spanish way of doing things and visit as many places as I can.

Germany has a special place in my heart, as well as Italy too.. I should not forget France, UK and Ireland.. and the list goes on.. I should compile all the details at my dream travel destinations.

And then when my Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs has been fulfilled, I will now be ready again to reach out and serve the underprivileged, under represented, under nourished.. I’m actually still doing it at grasya.org but hopefully I can do much more.

Till then I’ll keep focusing on my projects so I can finally have the travel fund to book that ticket to my next destination. Now while I’m plotting my escape, and if you are plotting to borrow money, please don’t.. Let me help you create your own travel fund instead. Alright?

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