Project Updates: Looking back to make sure I’m moving forward

Project Updates: Looking back to make sure I’m moving forward

I’ve found my routine. But my routine involves changing from one place to another.

And I’ve been multitasking too much in the hopes that these different projects grow together in love and harmony but then, just like what others have warned me, I’m way diversifying and thus loosing focus. That is why this article checkpoint should always remind me of what is essential in life.

I’ve been trying to hustle for too long so I think I need to catch my breath. Otherwise, it will feel like I didn’t left the rat race.. I mean, I left the corporate office cubicle yeah, but I’m still wheeling like that rat but only in my room.. or different houses or coffee shops.

coffee shop

Oh you see winner pictures? That’s only for a minute.. because when you’re in front of the computer most of the time, it feels more like a sad sight instead.

I did a root cause analysis of why I’m in such a situation and the results I told myself is due to I’m selling myself short for different clients, I’m not proactive enough to secure a contract and yeah, thank you slow internet.. Now I’m tapping myself for being my own life coach..

Maybe you feel my frustration.. and since I don’t sound like a winner, I’m sure I will be loosing readers.. that’s ok, I need friends, not just readers.. So long, farewell ^_^

if you can't handle me at my best

Ok, still here? Great! Thanks for bearing with me. ^_^ I highly appreciate it, how can I help you too?

And if you’re asking me the same question, I’m on a quest to do a long travel journey so others can follow the trail. I’m not that eccentric to always think about myself and ignite envy.. because – hello robbers, I might go home with all my stuff empty xD

So I will need supporters and clients to partner up with this goal. To make this dream a reality, you can collaborate with me on any of the following:

1. Article writing and business promotion. I have a network of travel writers and social media influencers with different niches and millions of views. This will help your business be promoted to your target audience. But if you want to focus on my blog only, one of the most loved articles are the following

a. How I saved in our Makati Staycation
b. How I earned online

People who are viewing this blog are interested in:

a. Where to eat
b. Travel and Work Quotes
c. How to bake a cake using sand
d. Travel under 1000 pesos
More details on google analytics here.

2. Web development, maintenance, and software quality assurance. I work with virtual teams to upgrade your website, make it mobile friendly and install additional functions such as a booking plugin or a payment section. Currently I have 2 passion tech projects with 2 wonderful ladies who is currently in Germany and Australia. This website has parallax design, database integration with messaging and payment features. The good news is since it’s a passion project, I’m sure many people will benefit from it.. the not so good news, I have devoted so much time with very minimum amount but I’m excited for what the future holds for this baby project. It will be launched very soon and I’m excited to spam the internet about it :D

3. Partner sponsors. Last year, I was able to travel with my mom to Thailand and Vietnam. This year, I was able to bring my Aunt to Bacolod, and I was able to do tours in El Nido with a local from Palawan who wasn’t able to travel around El Nido islands yet..

palawan with ate jo

Not only that, my client from the US gave me the chance to promote their hostel via a contest on my blog.
Thank you so much to sponsors who made our travel easier. Now I need a sponsor for my tickets, my backpack, my phone, my laptop and I’m ready to go. I realized, these are my regular needs because every few years, these gadgets break down. If I accumulate all the computers I had since I was 15, I have traveled round the world already.

4. Virtual assistance to your regular task that you want to outsource like hiring people, newsletter promotion, translation, online shopping, etc.

5. Quality feedback of your business via mystery shopping agencies

For those who are still here reading… wow.. I really appreciate you. To ease out the feeling of frustration, here are my milestones:

1. Nationwide projects for my mystery shopping gigs. I work with CEOs, elitists and other high profiled people in the society… nope we don’t ask them for money, instead, we pay them to window shop. :D

2. Traveled to Bacolod, Palawan for 2 months, Baguio, Sagada, Boracay, Antique and around Metro Manila.

3. Sponsored local people including my Aunt on different travels. It is ironic that these local people are the ones who haven’t seen the beauty of places nearby.. I hope I get more sponsors for this project.


3. I got less blogging projects, but increased my tech projects. Ironically I’m paid more when blogging than doing tech projects this time, but I’m sure this will balance once my tech projects starts to earn and has gained momentum.

Now, that I’m planning on going to the other side of the world, it feels jittery and I need all the support I can get. I will also write about my feelings of frustration every time I go on a journey and the solutions on how to mitigate such risks. The world is too beautiful not to see in our lifetime. I just hope it’s that easy.

For more details of my project updates, please see the Miss Chief section of

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