Dream Travel Destination: Austria part 2

Dream Travel Destination: Austria part 2

My last article about Austria just talked about why I wanted to go to Austria.. but the details are left for Austria part 2.. It kinda breaks my heart drafting this itinerary knowing that my travel funds still have a loOong way to go but hey, I believe in angels and I believe that dreams come true. ^_^


1. First and foremost, I’d avail all free things that the country has to offer. Apparently, there are free entrance to churches, markets, gardens, parks and galleries in Austria. This will let me feed my wanderlust to indulge in great architecture, art, shopping and history. Check out the Austrian Cathedral in Vienna and the church in Insbruck.. aren’t they marvelous?


2. I’d go on a skiing holidays in Austria. I haven’t been in a country that snows and last seen an actual snow when I was in Darjeeling, India… the snow capped mountains was about half inch only.. and that’s about it. Hopefully when I go to Austria, I’ll get to enjoy the bliss of snow.

3. I’ll watch out for Vienna open air opera and Music Film Festival Vienna so I need to make sure I’ll be there in September. I used to play Mozart piano pieces when I was young, would be great to walk in the place where this great composer once lived.

4. Go to the place where the movie Sound of Music was shot.. then once in the hills are alive, I’m gonna sing.. the hills are alive :D.. and “how do you solve a problem like this grasya?”

5. Eat a heuriger, wiener schnitzel and other traditional foods in Austria.. not so much of a wine drinker but wouldn’t hurt to taste some wine. Eating should always be part of my trip because foods and drinks are different in each country.

6. Austria is now the leading European Country for sustainable agriculture with nearly 10% organic production so when I go there, I must make sure I do woofing. For those interested in farms, you should google woof and see how it can enable you to travel. ^_^

So that’s about it. At least I have a draft itinerary once I get to Austria. How about you? Do you have any plans on what to do in Austria?

**thanks to Enrique Manzano for sponsoring my Austrian images ^_^

2 thoughts on “Dream Travel Destination: Austria part 2

  1. Hi Grasya! Don’t forget to visit the schonbrunn palace just outside vienna. Naku, that place was amazing, first time we saw the view of the hill behind the palace, we thought it was a painting. It’s that picturesque. Also the hofburg palace and the belvedere palace which is now a museum that houses the world famous works of Gustav Klimt. Wala na kami funds to visit salzburg then to do the sound of music tour as you plan on doing. Also, Prague is just a day tour away so when you go to austria, go ahead and visit Prague. :-)

    1. thanks for the tip Raia… ^_^ sometimes it gets frustrating knowing that your budget is not yet enough to go to another continent.. but I still believe dreams do come true.. ^_^ I’ll do my best to cross this country off my bucket list

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