Travel Dream Destination: Turkey

Aside from Germany and Austria, (and Italy, England, Lithuania, Norway etc etc).. one my favorite dream destination in that part of the world is Turkey.

This Eurasian country is located in Western Asia and in Southeastern Europe.
Bordering countries are Bulgaria to the Northwest, Greece to the west, Georgia to the northeast, Iran to the east, then Iraq and Syria to the Southeast.

One of the many reasons why I look forward to travel in Turkey is:

1. I want to go to Cappodocia. Cappadocia is an area in Central Anatolia in Turkey. It is best known for its unique moon-like landscape, underground cities, cave churches and houses carved in the rocks.
There’s nothing like that in places where I’ve went so I want to marvel at those rock houses.. they are such great architectural landscapes.

2. I want to try hotsprings in Pamukkale. These are mineral waters that spring from the earth then cascade over a steep cliff, forming gleaming pools. Similar to other mineral hot springs that are found around the world, the waters are thought to help cure skin diseases, nervous disorders, heart disease and circulatory issues.
Really, nature did an awesome job designing those pools!

3. I want to visit Istanbul, one of the three European capitals of culture in 2010. Aside from Ottoman mosques, I want to see the art galleries and museums of this so called world’s hippest city..

then maybe, I’ll buy a piece of art which has become a hobby in every country that I go to.

4. I want to visit ancient ruins, and underground cities. I love to visit cities that have been destroyed by Mother Nature. It should teach humankind a lesson or two. The largest underground city is apparently found in Turkey so would love to visit that too.

5. I want to meet friends there. It’s more fun when you’ve got friends from every corner of the world to share fun with don’t you think?

6. The last reason why I wanted to travel to Turkey is because I just want to travel.. to anywhere ^_^.. aint that reason enough?

Thank you goes to Wanderingtrader and Mehmet Ali Özçobanlar Hadjidakis for providing the pictures ^_^

2 thoughts on “Travel Dream Destination: Turkey

    1. wow… ive never been into a Greek Orthodox monastery before, so yes I will put this on my list and also the black sea. ^_^ Thank you for the tips Natalie

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