10 Indonesian food that you need to eat in Indonesia

10 Indonesian food that you need to eat in Indonesia

1. Rendang – Rendang is a really popular dish in Indonesia. Wherever you come to a local restaurant, it’s easy to find this dish. It is cooked with coconut milk and spices so sometimes you will feel it tastes similar with dry curry. Rendang is a kind of spicy meat, normally beef or in some area they cook goat, chicken or liver, which is originally from Minanglabau people that’s why the local people call it Rendang Padang or Rendang Minangkabau.


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2. Tahu – This is one of the famous and popular street food in Indonesia. You can easily see it on the road even in the city or the rural area. The price is so cheap. Local people normally eat it with chili sauce. Tahu street food in Indonesia is really crunchy and spicy, this will be fantastic experience for your first time visit this country.

tahu - indonesia food

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3. Bebek Goreng/Fried Duck

One of the fantastic food in Indonesia is Bebek or Fried Duck. The local people normally sell it as street food. One of the most delicious Bebek I ate is opposite with the train station in Jogja. One thing that makes you addicted with this dish is that it’s supper spicy but the taste is so yummy.


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4. Fried Rice – Fried rice is so popular and typical in Indonesia. This picture is one the the Fried rice with egg and bean. You also can find another kind of fried rice here such as sea food fried rice, vegetable fried rice, chicken fried rice or mixture fried rice which is supper Indonesia that you should try once when you come there.

fried rice

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5. Oxtail Soup/ Sop Buntut – This is one of the tasty and yummy soup ever in Indonesia which is obviously cooked by oxtail with onion and chili. The oxtail normally is fried or grilled then combined with a tasty soup. This soup is one of the favorite soup in main meal of the day of local people because it is so healthy and hearty.

Oxtail Soup

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6. Dumplings/ Siomay – This is also one of the best street food in Indonesia that you should try once you get there. Indonesian normally use bean, chili and peanut sauce to create great street food in this world. Indonesia Siomay is combined potato, cabbage, egg and of course peanut sauce, this mixture is supper yummy.


7. Nasi Uduk – If you come to Indonesia in festival season, you will easily see this kind of dish which local people call Nasi Uduk. Rice is so aromatic and the meal around this rice is cooked with coconut milk. Nasi Uduk always serve with fried chicken , soybean cake, shredded omelette, fried onion, anchovies and topped with sambal and emping. This is an Indonesia’s National dish and local people normally eat for lunch.

nasi uduk

8. Satay – If you walk on street and finding some food to eat in Indonesia, this is one of the famous and popular that you will addicted once you eat it. Indonesian has horse satay, lamb satay, chicken satay, pork satay,… You will eat this dish with spicy peanut sauce and if you want to eat with fried rice. This is an Indonesia’s National dish that was conceived by street food vendors and has become one of the most celebrated food in Indonesia.


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9. Bakso – This is a meatball dish made from beef surimi. This is normally served with a bowl of noodle, vegetables, tahu and eggs. It is similar with Chinese meatball if you first see. This is one popular Indonesia’s street food across the whole country.


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10. Gudeg – This is a stew made from young jack fruit cook with palm sugar, coconut milk, meat, garlic and supper spices. This is so popular and local people really love to eat this every day. It comes from Yogyakarta and becomes one of the most flavorful food in the world that you should never regret to try once.


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