Planning on what to do in Bali, Jakarta, Bandung and Medan, Indonesia

Whenever I see my facebook timeline full of people going to Bali, Yogyakarta or anywhere in Indonesia, I notice it’s almost always involves beaches, rice terraces, and posh hotels.

Sometimes I just feel like not doing what everybody is doing.. I want to plan my own travels and I just don’t travel to a place just to travel, if you know what I mean.

Example, since I plan to go back to Indonesia to help someone develop their website, I might as well travel around and do some activities too. Read about my first trip in Indonesia and how much does it cost to travel there. It was really a memorable trip and I met lots of friends too. I just hope the inflation is not that high when I get back to visit again though. Here’s more of what I’m planning to do:

Instead of just going on a tour trip and be passive and do what everyone else is doing, I also plan to do bike trips around town and discover hidden places then soak in the present moment. Maybe get off the beaten path, talk to locals and get a glimpsed of how local people live. Since I’m from South East Asia, the weather may be similar, but I’m sure the local culture and language is different.. Might learn a bit of Bahasa Indonesia as well.

It is better if the place is an indigenous community so we can understand their unique way of life..


Instead of just mosque or temple visit, I should also try to take part in a religious activity too.. when I was in India, I was invited to a Hindu wedding, when I was in Nepal, I learned more about Ananda Marga. Maybe I’ll discover Muslim activities when I get to visit Indonesia again. Here is me with a head scarf visiting a mosque in Bandung:

mosque visit

Staying in a hotel is okay, good way to relax around after physical travel activities.. It’s great if a hotel has buffet options coz I love to splurge on delicious cuisines prepared by professional chefs. However, there’s an option to do homestays too to be immersed in the culture. It’s a great way to have an authentic travel and build good relationships with foster families. From my travels, I met foster parents who adopted me like their own and meeting them and have the bonding moment is one of the most memorable travel experiences I had.

Instead of just doing food trips, why not learn how to create Indonesian food instead. During my first trip to Indonesia, I was just eating different foods.. Now I should make it a point to know how to cook them too. I really do wonder how to make gado gado.

Instead of just reading a book in a coffee shop, why not read to a group of kids so they can open their minds of what it’s like out there.. Let them know that life is still beautiful too.


Ok, enough planning.. Let me go look for a discounted flight ticket so I can travel again ^_^