Dream Travel Destination: Australia

Dream Travel Destination: Australia

Australia is the nearest continent from where I am at the moment… and even before the opportunity comes for me to travel in that country, I must take steps to draft my dream itinerary just in case fairies who grants wishes drops by this page ;)



First order, I’d start out checking flights to Perth coz I wish to start the adventure from the West first.

Upon research, it has been said that Perth is the most remote city on earth… hrrmm so my secret paradise in the Philippines is not yet the most remote? Interesting..

Then I’d like to see Australia in Yellow.. just 2 hours from Perth is the Pinnacles. These pieces of rock formation sprouted from the yellow desert sands looks amazing.. looks like you are walking on the moon or in another planet..



Then after the West, I’d go see Central Australia in orange-red colors thru Mt Uluru.. I’ll stare and reflect at the huge object and note to myself.. how lovely indeed is this Earth, our dwelling place..


Then I’d go down South and see Australia in pretty pink.

The picture above is in Silcrete Island – Lake Eyre, South of Australia. An algae was supposedly the reason behind why the water is pink… I do wonder if instead of blue, the ocean’s color turns out pink instead.. could be a pretty color :D


And then the last pit stop (subject to change of course) would be Sydney to see Australia in White thru the Opera House. Some friends lived there, so might as well do some catching up on life…  might as well go on a road trip around the beautiful city.


So there goes my dream itinerary dear folks.. looking forward to making this dream come true ^_^.. how about you? Are there places you want to go in Australia?


** credit of the pictures goes to Australia Facebook Page and from my friend Doh Thailand

2 thoughts on “Dream Travel Destination: Australia

  1. Hi,
    I was searching nogas island and bumped your site,like reading your adventure.i haven’t been to those places u mentioned but I do live so close to Sydney.Love to travel and adventure stle coz I haven’t done when I was young but Iam in the fifteen and trying to do now in budget way .More fun.Is Nogas island had lots of accomodation and is it safe to camp?Love boracay,we were there 25 yrs ago but presently so commercialised and good our Kabayans can now afford to travel now( for those who an afford) like to see raw places like boracay 25 yrs ago.Meron pa as pinas di ba?From now on I will be looking your website for some tips.Been to Thailand,Vietnam,Bali,Singapore,morocco Spain Portugal and of course phil, All my family migrated in Aust.40 yrs ago but still love pinas.If you come to Sydney I promise I will give you 2-3 nights free boarding.
    Cora N.

    1. wow…. the earth is full of good angels still no? ^_^ There is a basic hut accommodation available in Anini-y before you get to a boat to Nogas island.. otherwise, the nearest will be in San Jose ^_^.. if I go to Australia, ill definitely email, thank you

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