Book Review: Richard Branson’s Losing my Virginity

Ok, the book’s title is a bit odd. All the while, I thought Richard Branson lost his company which is named Virgin by the way.

But this serial entrepreneur got a different inspiring story.. it’s quite a motivational book to those who aspire to be serial entrepreneurs.. which means they run different businesses because they have this special talent.

The dare devil serial entrepreneur, who was dyslexic and who didn’t finished any degree, started out with a Student Magazine, then ventured into Music production, then eventually established his own Airlines.. I think he’s got a few more companies under his belt already.

I particularly remembered his encounter with a taxi driver trying to persuade him to listen to his song recordings.. eventually he realized that taxi driver was Phil Collins.

His strategy on how he run his business despite not having a university degree is awesome.. and you know, there’s a common theme when you talk about some guys that made it big like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.. go figure.

I don’t like how he dealt with multiple women in his life before settling down though. I still have that dalagang Filipina in me :P

I will have to update this to include some words of wisdom from the book (I forgot to bring the book here in Palawan). But overall, he’s a good (daredevil) person to lookup too. For the highspirited daredevils whose juggling multiple projects, check it out.

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