Project Updates: 2015 Recap and 2016 action plan

Year 2015 was a year of hustling and staycations..

So since I was almost always in front of my computer, and staycations are like lazy vacations where you just stay in hotels.. there’s not much action I did last year.

Which is good..

I’m not complaining though specially if you get to sleep in different posh places like this:

makati staycation2

and this.

hotel in Thailand

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still the girlscout cheapskate that you know who sleeps in airport floors and bus benches.

It’s just that I’ve upgraded a bit. Thank you for the sponsorships and opportunities dear Universe.

I have hustled more last 2015.. Errand To Go has a good start, the gigs were mostly language transcription and translation jobs and I get to delegate this to people in different parts of the Philippines. And as the Philippine coordinator of a mystery shopping company, it was fun to work with CEOs, managers, and other elitists in this country.. can’t believe we pay them to window shop.

This blog is earning too. Yes dear universe, that long travel is shaping up. And when the ocean is kept quiet for so long, it means a tsunami is coming… can’t wait for an overwhelming tsunami chapter of my life. ^_^

I ate (and cooked) more traditional and international meals too ranging from a posh dish I learned from Italians I met in Tagaytay to ants.. yep, ants. If you can’t beat them, eat them. I learned to eat that when I was in Kalinga..


Soooo, that wraps up my 2015.

In this year 2016, it seems like I had enough dreaming and this is the time for action. My goals are the same as previous ones, guess I know exactly what my ideal life is coz it’s the same goal every year. And what are they? As usual.

More travels.

2015 was travels with mom and staycations with relatives. 2016 must be more travels to new places that I can also call home.

Meanwhile, my travels should not in any way invite jealousy. So while I figure how that can be done.. please bear with me.

That’s the reason why I don’t post so much posh pictures, because everytime I do, something bad happens – hello thieves, you must be reading this. Thanks still for adding up to my number of readers. How can I help you change your ways? ^_^

And despite numerous burglaries, my mom don’t want to abandon our home due to sentimental reasons so I need to figure out how to resolve this before I go on that long travel journey again.

More books.

2015 was like a year of hustle, and because of this I haven’t read books that much. Must read more this year.

More beautiful homes to stay in.

More beautiful souls to meet.

More sustainable communities to discover.

And yeah, to be able to afford those goals.. I need to do more hustle ;)

And while I serve as a secret fairy to others, thank you to those who are secret fairies to me too.. I’m always grateful and always would like to know how best and can serve you.. Till then, let’s all look forward to a beautiful life.

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