Dream Travel Destination: Austria

I know, its overdue dear Austria.

Your place seemed magnificent, like a heaven here on earth that everyone would like to see.. I should have been there a long time ago.. But like the typical Filipina, I hold back.. Just to make sure everything will be in perfect timing.

Why do I want to visit you? Because..

1. I wanna travel. Go around. Experience the world because we only live once on earth, might as well roam it before leaving.

2. A dear sole sister, Vera Wihan, lives there. We’ve been friends since 2004 (or was it 2005?) when she went to the Philippines. We toured the Philippines together. After that, we had reunions in Vietnam and in Thailand… this time around, I want to see her in her own country.




Vera  in the center while we sway to the Indian dance (2005):

3. I want to go to a country where the  movie Sound of Music was taken. Its my favorite movie when I was a child when Beta-max was still existing.. Once in Austria, I’m gonna hum – “how do you solve the problem of this grasya”~~

4. I wanna see and observe how people are living in Vienna. See the goodness in life there so I can bring the good back to my country.

5. Coz I wanna give myself a gift of travel… aint that reason enough? ^_^

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