Dream Travel Destination: USA

So far, 1 destination has been ticked of my bucket list of dream travel destinations and that is Nepal. Thank you dear Universe, there’s still a lot more to cover ;D… I’m grateful still.

At the moment, I’m again on the planning stage of drafting exit plans and I know sooner or later, I will have my itchy feet wanting to go somewhere again.

So why USA? Why not? Almost all my relatives who went out of the Philippines for good migrated in the States looking for greener pastures.. There are also lots of greens surrounding the Philippines literally, but I’m sure they wanted a high end living which you can’t get in the Philippines yet.. wait a few more years though ;D

Anyway, family clans scattered everywhere almost always means free accommodations when I finally land in the US, hooray for this! So where shall I go when I finally landed?

1. Visit the Grand Canyon. It really is beautiful… I love to marvel at nature’s grand creations and hopefully in my lifetime, I will get a chance to visit this place..

grand canyon

Photo courtesy of Miranda Felice

2. Disneyland. Childish, I know. But most probably I’ll go with a child when I visit this theme park or I can take advantage of my small figure to act like one too ;D.. I’ll buy Disney tickets online to avoid queuing..

3. Take a picture where Hollywood sign is in the background. The Philippines is highly influenced by the US media, it’s just nice to see a place that you only see on pictures.. who knows I might bump into a Hollywood star..

4. Meet friends and hunt for coffee/tea shops. Might do this in Miami, San Francisco, New York, or wherever my friends and family are located.

5. Take a tour at the Google workplace, meet and shake hands with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, or just meet other big shots at Silicon Valley… I can dream right? ^_^

4 thoughts on “Dream Travel Destination: USA

  1. You are so lucky to have a lot of family there… it means they can show you another side to the US that other tourists might never see. I didn’t make the Grand Canyon last time around, but its on my list too!

    1. that is if my extended family are free to show me around.. heard people there are so busy with two jobs but a free place to stay is good already ^_^.. that is if I will make it to the States

    1. thanks… will be great if these are posh accommodations too :)) but i’m a girlscout and not really picky ;D

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