Dream Travel Destination: England

I’ve known friends and relatives crossed England on their checklists of places to see while in Europe. And I have yet to set foot in the European continent. So while I’m not yet there, let me dream about things to do in England.


1. Go to London, England’s capital.. then sing London Bridge is falling down. Seriously. When you say London, this song comes to my head… so why not sing the kiddie song once I’m in the bridge while taking a picture of it. This one is a picture taken by my cousin:

london bridge

2. Visit Stonehenge. Stonehenge, one of the most famous sites in the world, used to be a burial ground. Interesting to see how it looks like in reality. Which makes me think of ghost hunting there as well xD.. but I’m blessed with a closed third eye so good luck with that.

3. Visit Oxford. A dear fairy whom I met in India went to University in Oxford. Shame I wasnt able to go visit while she was studying there.. but once I’m in the place, I’m just gonna smile, reminisce, take a picture, and say.. at last! after 10 thousand years!

4. Meet with friends and family. Its not all sight seeing, I want to be there because I have friends and family there.. and want to bond with them and catch up with life.

5. Discover the countryside.. I live in far flung places, and ironically, whenever I go out of my country, I enjoy such places too.. They are away from everything but peace and serenity creates a feeling of contentment.. This is a snapshot of my hidden paradise… wonder what my happy place looks like when I get to the other side.

guesthouse in antique

6. Travel the country slowly.. Hang out at small coffee shops, discover the country side via a bike, learn cuisines. I’d like to enjoy England in a relaxing way.

7. Awe at castles, shake hands and do small talk with the Queen. I’m allowed to dream right?


So what else do you think I should do once in England? ^_^



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