Book Review: Only at Night we see the Stars by Chiara Lubich

This book was given to me by a friend from India whom I met in Tagaytay when she was not yet a nun. When I traveled to Kerala, India, I went to see her as a full pledge nun taking care of many kids in their care home.

only at night we see the stars

How I miss her. ^_^ .. she is the perfect example of selflessness. Just like Chiara Lubich, the founder of the Focolare Movement.

This book is a simple book that feeds the soul and its yearning of peace. It’s religious considering that the author’s organization has a religious affiliation. But universally, I believe every religion has the same principles of doing good for the others. So not sure why some people are killing each other because of religion.

Anyway, here’s some words of wisdom from the book:

Often we are tormented by thoughts of what the future might hold. But.. “each day has enough trouble of its own” Mt 6:34

Tomorrow is another day, we shall then face tomorrow’s troubles. We need not worry; everything is in God’s hands.

A sudden misfortune reminds us of the words of scripture “Yes everything passes: people, health, beauty, possessions, God alone remains.”

God knows the road we should take at every point of our lives. For each of us he has fixed a celestial orbit for the star of our freedom to travel. But we must abandon ourselves to him, our creator. We each have our own orbit, our own life that does not conflict with the orbits plotted for billions of others, offspring of the same Father as we.

Have you ever noticed the little blade of grass, caressed by the winds of spring, that has broken through the surface of an abandoned road? Life insuppresible, is reborn.


The book talks about how misfortunes and suffering are part of lives and that it should not make us bitter but encourages us to hold on coz like beauty, fame, glory, all this shall pass..

In my life, I also met people who can’t really handle suffering like we do.. they escape, travel coz they can, party coz they can, drink coz they want to forget about the problems..

On the other hand, I try not to go away from my suffering.. although it also might make me sadistic to myself. But I don’t want to escape challenges even if I can.. coz I want to provide solutions so it will never be misfortunes to other people as well. This is true – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

At the moment, I think the wheel of life is going around and i’m returning to the saddle. I’m proud of myself for overcoming challenges and patting myself at the back for being stronger. At the same time, I try to lend a shoulder to others who need it.. telling them that life is a wheel and everything is temporary, beauty, fame, glory.. including misfortunes.. for those who are currently down – all this shall pass.. hang on.

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