Cost of Living in Da Nang City – Vietnam

The only way to know a place is thru people that reside there. So to be able to know Vietnam more, I asked my beautiful Vietnamese friends to contribute. ^_^ And here’s Nhu’s article about her place. I have not been to Danang yet but maybe I can visit the place once I get back to Vietnam:

Da Nang city attracts and impresses residents and tourism around the world because it was voted as the most worth- living city in Viet Nam.

Not only is Da Nang beautiful, but it is also clean. And one of the most important reasons that the number of tourists who comes here increases is that the quality and cost of living are really good compare to the other big city in Viet Nam.

(Image of Tran Thi Li Bridge of Da nang city through my friend’s camera)

Let me help you figure out the local lifestyle and you can survive here with only 200.000- 250.000 vnd per day (from 9 USD- 11 USD)


You can simply find a really cheap breakfast in this city, around 20.000 vnd (1 USD). And you will feel you are so lucky and get lost in the foody paradise because you can change your breakfast every morning with different kinds of delicious dishes. Such as, Bánh bèo, bánh lộc, Bánh nậm, Mỳ Quãng, Bún bò, Bánh Mỳ (bread), Xôi gà (chicken sticky rice), bánh canh, etc.

Banh Bèo- Beo Cake
(Banh Bèo- Beo Cake)

For lunch and dinner, you can choose level of your budget if you just wanna try local food with Vietnamese lifestyle, you just need to spend around 30.000 vnd per each (1.5 USD). And the same with breakfast, you can change for your diet everyday with so many kind of rice and noodle.


danang food2
(Bún mắm)

The local people here often spend time to have coffee in the morning. They always enjoy their life and want to start a new day with fresh air beside the river or a small street corner with a very nice price around 15.000 vnd under 1 USD).

If you are a real traveler then you can choose couch surfing Da Nang, they can help you have free accommodation and you can help them practice English. If you want to choose another way to have a better place to take a rest after a long day traveling, you can find a cheap hotel here with a nice price around 150.000 vnd- 200.000vnd per 24 hour (7USD- 9USD). It includes all convenience stuff such as fan, aircondition, television, warm water, pillow, blankets, etc.

And you will be happy because the traffic here in Da Nang city is better than Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi. If you want to rent a motorbike, you just need to pay 120.000 vnd per 24 hour (5 USD) and you have to refuel by yourself.
If you want to travel from Da Nang city to Ho Chi Minh city, there are 4 ways that you can choose such as: motorbike, bus, air plane or train. The cheapest and safest is train with 25 USD only for around 15 hours.
I do hope that you will have very amazing experiences in the most beautiful and worth living city in Viet Nam

Contributor: Hong Nhu lives in the most beautiful and peaceful living city in Viet Nam, it is called Da Nang. An out going person, Nhu is addicted to reading and travelling. She spent her youth devoted to community volunteering

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