Project Updates and plotting another long term travel

I’m not traveling at the moment.. coz I’m working hard and hustling harder. I’m preparing for another long term travel… but before that, I must make sure that once I start to travel again, our house will not get robbed, my bank will not hold my money, and people will not pop out of the blue to borrow money… then disappear when I’m on the side of the coin of being distressed *sigh*

Ok, enough negative thoughts :)))

Let’s get back to business. I’m really determined to get these baby projects to work. I think I’m diversifying too much but only thru that way I’ll be able to know which work and which does not work earlier than focusing on just one project at a time. Thank you to kind souls who have been supporting me, my sincerest gratitude to you. Please don’t make me go back and be that lady wearing high heeled branded shoes on that high rise building of a corporate company, I’m trying my best to suppressed my horns :D.. although to be honest, sometimes I miss those high heeled days.. just the dressing up, not the corporate politics :))

I still prefer to work in coffee shops, thank you.




Enough blah, here’s the updates, if you are reading this and would like to support my sustainable lifestyle goals, please let me know how we can collaborate:

1. and – All the earnings from the site are allotted for my travel funds so I can explore more homestays, stay with tribes, do community projects, create a beautiful life.

Top relevant searches for this site:
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Top searchers are from the Philippines, United States, India, United Arab Emirates, Australia

2. Tech projects – Once upon a time, I was paid to break database softwares but I got busy with other projects I lost this client. I will have to find clients who will pay me to break their stuff.. yes there are clients like that. I need to polish my geeky brain too to provide solutions to sites and softwares that I break. But first, i need a new laptop and a high speed internet.

3. Errand to go – The latest gig was a bunch of translation and transcription projects where I get to delegate tasks to freelancers in different parts of the Philippines. Can’t wait to get the payment so I can roll this in for more projects.

4. Mystery shopping – As a Philippines coordinator, it’s fun to work with elitists, managers and CEOs on this mystery shopping gig. It’s a good feeling when people are getting paid to window shop.. It brings me anxiety too because sometimes we have payment issues from my steady client.. This gig actually takes up a lot of time but I need to find a way to work smarter at this gig so i can focus on other projects…

5. Rental properties – I’m helping my friends rent their beautiful houses in the Philippines and Thailand. So far, a French lady went to the Tboli tribe homestay in South Cotabato and a Japanese guy went to the homestay in Leyte. Lately, I’ve added two beautiful homestay in Thailand. Ironically, I’m still preparing the homestay in Antique despite several foreign visitors who visited the place already because I have to wrestle with my clan’s belief that if you get rid of mickey/minnie mouse, they will wreck havoc in the house and eat your clothes.. traditions are crazy sometimes.

6. Online loading – I once gave this project to my niece, and it didn’t work. I transferred the project to my neighbour for her self sustainable livelihood, now she is ignoring me when I ask updates about the project.. obviously didn’t work. Need to collaborate with other people who will not ignore me once they get funding.


Non Monetary Revenue

I was able to travel with my mom last June in Thailand and Vietnam and most of the hotels were free courtesy of sponsors.. thank you so much <3

My other income streams that are not yet earning are my self sustainability site, online store where I promote paintings and other artworks of my friends and my online book store via Amazon.

I’ve come a long way.. and I still have a lot more to do.. It’s tiring sometimes but I’m hopeful. Ok.. now.. while I hustle, please bear with me.. Let’s look forward to brighter days.

Oh I forgot to mention my micro projects at… i know i’m working toooOooo much, I deserve a round the world travel holiday ;)

4 thoughts on “Project Updates and plotting another long term travel

  1. I admire your endless energy. :D Right now, even with my online work + income from the blog, I still end up with negative balance at the end of the month. Traveling is so expensive! Anywho, I will send you something this Christmas (do remind me!) as a thank you for referring Demi to me. He’s still renewing as usual. Yay! :)

    1. I’m in a turtle mode compare to your accomplishments Aleah! Let’s aim to roam the earth before we leave it ^_^.. and yeah glad we discovered Demi :)) cheers to sponsors!

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