Frugal Travel Tips Story #18 – Interview with Inga Ines

Frugal Travel Tips Story #18 – Interview with Inga Ines

While I’m in a limbo state of trying to figure out where to go next, trying to fund travels, and still warming to the cosiness of home, I’m in the mood of discovering people who are living their dreams.. I am envious but at the same time, motivated to continue what I love to do best.. to travel, to tell stories, to make sure the next generation will not be stuck in their daily lives doing the same routine over and over again.. and that whenever they are in this world, there is an alternative option. And yes, I have to believe that no one is voodooing me for those misadventures too:)))


But while I’m in a stage of resting and planning, let me feature someone who did conquer their dreams, and with less money too! Know more about Inga Ines here:


inga ines3


Can you tell me something about yourself? Occupation/hobbies/etc

My name is Inga, i’m 27 y.o. woman and i decided not to work in a traditional way but to follow my dreams and see what the humanity has achieved and what 1 person can do in this world to bring the change. I started from myself. I’ve got many skills, I’ve learned to speak several languages, studied the world culture, i’m a good vocalist and i play the guitar and write music, i’m an artist and a massage therapist and those are just a few of the things that i do. And i’ve started to travel the world, i’ve already been to 30 countries, with almost no money but my skills, finding good friends. Because i believe who you are inside is much more important than what you have outside.


inga ines2


Of all the countries you’ve been, which one is your favorite?

I found that every place is very nice and it depends on you if you are open enough to understand that.

But I do enjoy the island countries and in Iceland it was such a pleasure to talk to the people in there (several times people just stopped to help even if they couldn’t drive us further), very social and positive country. And the nature is very nice. It’s simplicity helps to reconnect with your inner self and helps to realize what you want. I hope to find the same in New Zealand during my future trip although i’m pretty calm now but NZ has been my dream country for so many years that now i just want to finally get there. Wish me good luck with that.


Any hidden paradise you’ve discovered that are not on guidebooks?

I found my paradise inside myself. Wherever I go I feel like I’m home. Actually people started to write guidebooks about finding your inner self now, but the best way is taking the first step and do what you think is right for the situation. The rest will follow.


Have you met a person that is not from a developed country doing the same thing that you do?

Do you mean yourself haha?! That’s a good question i actually kept thinking about during my previous trips. I try not to divide people into countries, and developed or undeveloped it is inside of every person to realize that the decision to follow their dreams is only theirs and that every person can do it. No one else and not a single ruler or king can take it from a person. When i meet the person ‘from which country are you from’ is not my first question.


How do you fund your travels?

I hitchhike, camp or couchsurf and couch host, so I travel without money. But if i need something i sing and play the guitar on the streets. Busking is a great option and experience that brings people together! I can do a painting at someone’s place or some medical massage therapy to help someone who struggles with pain. I can go to almost any place in the world and why not doing the things you want on the way?!:)

inga ines


What are your plans after travelling?

To start a family and continue travelling with my family and following my way. Why not?!:)



Do you have frugal travel tips you want to share?

I’ve got plenty of those, i put them into the songs that i write and my articles i post at my website:

But let me start with just a couple of them and you can use them in everyday life not just while travelling :

Be creative! instead of running around searching for the nearest shop where you can buy something- think! First of all ask yourself do you really need it?! Then use what you already have, you might be surprised how creative you can be. Remember almost everything can be almost everything… seriously!

Cook your own food! Buy some simple food rice, dried fruits and vegetables for breakfast, for example, and cook it yourself. Thus you will reduce the price of the journey to almost none.

And one more like Bear Grylls once said: smile when it rains and if you’re going through hell just keep going! This one saves my day in every situation!



Any advice to the people that want to follow your lead?

Don’t wait or expect anything from anyone but yourself. It’s you who decide to do something or not. No one put a curse on you (my mother always thought so and never got to her dream city Paris, until one day i just bought her a ticket! 19 tickets actually so she can also see the rest of Europe (why stop at Paris?!). Now she’s going there for the 3rd time, on her own). Too many people exist instead of living their dreams and so did I. If you’re reading this This is the sign for you to start your journey!

3 thoughts on “Frugal Travel Tips Story #18 – Interview with Inga Ines

  1. This really inspired me in many different ways. I do write songs and can sing, can draw or sketch, make calligraphy stuffs. I just wish that I have the guts to pursue traveling. It’s definitely one of my dreams. I know, it’s not difficult to happen but never too easy too. I’m just finding the perfect time. Thanks for this post! I really learned from it. :)

    1. glad you learned something.. talents are natural gifts, hope you use it to pursue your dream ^_^.. and hope you find the perfect timing too

  2. Hey Jeff, just wanted to add there.s never a perfect timing, we travelled in winter time with my sister and however harsh it was couple if times it was still worth it. For example we saw seals in ice lagoon in iceland among icebergs. In autumn we found some abandoned fruit trees in macedonia and greece. In summer you can swim everywhere and so on. Every season has something unique to offer. If i take someone with me i try to help people start thinking in a creative way, cause it.ll help in every situation, and we only take what we already have. And to travel without money is possible any time. No need to limit yourself with the dates as well. Good luck!

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