Reasons for you to NOT travel

Out of curiosity, and also out of wanting to create another passive income stream, I asked around on what topic should I have for an ebook..

(Yeah, despite my grammers, I still dream to create an ebook.. humans can dream right?)

And one of the topics were how to discourage people from traveling… like after all my adventures and breath taking pictures, I will then tell my readers to NOT TRAVEL?


beautiful Thailand

Don’t get me wrong.. I love traveling.. and after I get another large buck, you won’t be seeing me sitting around in my computer.. but after much thought.. I realized, travel indeed is not for everyone.

And believe me, there are phases in my life where I also don’t want to go out of the house and just want to sleep in my bed forever.. till I realize I have an online job.. boo.

So maybe.. just maybe.. travel may not be for everybody.. Some people will thank me for this because at least they will feel that they are a normal person not bound by the new norm that a person is required to travel.


So, for those who would like to be discouraged to travel, this is for you:

Travel may not be for you if.. if you can’t part ways with your bed, your dogs, your cats, your garden, your house, etc.. like you go out to the mall for a few hours, then you wanted to come home immediately. Sorry dear, you’re bound to love your roots forever. Do you realize once you go travel far and wide, you cannot come home immediately? You’ll be homesick and won’t be able to enjoy your trip.. do yourself a favor, start getting unattached to people, animals and things or don’t travel.


Travel may not be for you if you’re picky about food.. if you can’t take spicy food, then don’t travel around Asia.. if you can’t eat without rice, then bring rice in your travels and cook in the places where you’ll be visiting.. but if you can’t cook… oh dear.. make your life simple.. you already know what I mean.



Travel may not be for you if you’re antisocial.. wait, scratch that. I’m antisocial yet I still travel. I do have set of friends, and I make friends sometimes.. sometimes :D.. I’m working  on it!


Travel may not be for you at the moment if you don’t have the funds to travel.. OUCH. Although really I tried many times to travel like a vagabond and I survived, thank you angels.. Looking back, I also cannot understand how I was able to do that.. but dear, please don’t be so adventurous.. I may just be lucky so if luck is not on your side, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.



Travel may not be for you if your brother sister mother father grannies aunts neighbors and neighbors cousins (which is your cousin too) is dependent on you… I salute you dear bread winner who works 2 jobs in the West to support a Village where some members survive by gossiping the whole day! I do not approve of creating a family dependency on you.. what if you get to be on the other side of getting sick and do not have the means to work? Travel may not be for you at the moment, but I do hope you allot the happy fund for yourself because you deserve it.


grasya in bagan

Moving on, travel may not be for you if you’re a hard headed person and breaks the rules of the country you are in.. Example, there’s a rule in Thailand where you’re not allowed to say anything negative about the king or you’ll be jailed.. you may agree that it is weird but once you break this law, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.


Also, travel may not be for you if you complain about everything.. You complain about the weather, food, no mcdonalds in Bagan, no jollibee in the Himalayas… You complain about travel time that is too long, sand is not white enough, sea water not blue.. Don’t get me wrong, I do complain too thank goodness my country has freedom of speech.. but sometimes there are people who complains a whole lot.. Dears, do yourself and your travel companions a favor, stay home where mcdonalds and jollibee is within reach.. and learn photoshop skills to make the white sand truly white.

Travel may not be for you if you can’t handle racism.. Reality check, not all that glitters are great places.. Example, I love Hong Kong, the last time I was there I had great time with friends.. but the first time was indeed a culture shock.. even the boat dispatcher shouts at you! In my mind, I was like.. “Ate, I may just look like your typical maid but I have a higher education than you”.. but well, she doesn’t care xD


So if you think you can’t bear all these.. I think I’m giving a good advice for you to just not travel..  you won’t experience racism, you won’t get homesick, you will always have your favourite food, you’ll be happier that way believe me.

There’s an alternative way to not experience all these misfortunes.. book a tour so you’ll be in a tour group, in a happy bubble, not noticing the real culture experience.. but at least you’re surrounded by staff smiling because you paid them to be patient with your complaining ;D.. oh by the way, this is not applicable in some parts of Vietnam where certain tour guides will shout at you for being a complainer… sorry reality hurts sometimes.

But despite that, you can still try to travel and see the world as it is.. and if you realize I was right in the first place, you’re welcome. And if you overcome the challenges and still see that despite all that, the world is still beautiful, then well done, you have made the step to become a global citizen.. an addition to the tribe of explorers indeed, now your new challenge is how to get rid of the travel bug.


**if you want me to gift this to your beloved as a way of disrupting his/her plans to travel, let me know and I’ll create an ebook just for you :D

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2 thoughts on “Reasons for you to NOT travel

  1. other items on your list was my dilemma before…
    but then I realize, I will not be and will never be able to travel if I always took those considerations…
    have realize that you don’t really need that much when you travel,just the basic

    so I started my first trip, and got hook ever since… :)

    1. thanks for sharing your thoughts Phi.. it’s always good to take all the angles when considering to travel. I observed, almost all travel blogs encourages people to travel, well of course it’s the aim.. but for a 360 degree transparency, I took the initiative to tell the dirty details :D

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