FREE accommodation and travel allowance in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Last few months ago, me and my mom went to travel in Thailand and Vietnam. And now, thank you to the generous sponsors, a lucky family will be able to stay in Chiang Mai for 3 days 2 nights for free! Not only that, they will get to have $80 worth travel allowance too.

It’s the least I could do to thank my readers for bearing with me :))

So, without further ado, if you are going to Thailand soon, you and 2 other family members or friends can have the chance to stay in Chiang Mai for free.

How can you avail this freebie?

a.Make sure to like the following facebook pages:

Indigenous Asia INA house
Travel Tipid Tips
Food Tour Asia


b.Then send me a story on how you will spend $80/ ~3000 thb / ~3500 php on a trip. Guess this one is complicated. Just send me any travel story at grasya(@)

c. Then put in a comment below why you deserve to have a free accommodation..

family room - ina house

That’s it.

As you know, I can spend that same amount for around 8 days in Nepal, and in Chiang Mai Thailand, around 5 days in Malaysia and Indonesia, 1 day in Hong Kong and Macau, and around 3 days in Palawan

chiang mai, thailand

Actually there was a time that I can live with 100 baht a day in Thailand! So $80 can last me for almost 3 weeks! Can’t figure out how to do that again though, thank you inflation rates. This one is not in Chiang Mai, but in Chiang Rai.. good times.


Preference will be given to those who belong to indigenous communities, urban poor, disadvantage communities or anyone who just badly needs a vacation. If you know someone or a family who deserves this, kindly send this article to him/her or better, please help them win!

**Contest ends in Sept 30, 2015 and prizes must be claimed by October 2015. Please note though that those going to or in Thailand already have a bigger chance to avail the freebie. Let’s look forward to Philippine sponsors in the future


WINNER: I noticed the comments are disabled so I just based on messages that I’ve received. In the end, I have decided to give the freebie to Ceres Yayen, a missionary in Chiang Mai Thailand. Let’s hope to receive and give more freebies in the future.