Noodles Galore in Vietnam

Noodles Galore in Vietnam

A couple of weeks ago, my Vietnamese friend who I met 11 years ago in Tagaytay came to visit me and my Aunt in Antique. It is high time for her to visit the Philippines again since I have visited her country 3 times already ^_^.. that’s how I love Vietnamese food :)))

I have blogged about Vietnamese food  and have a few more from our recent Vietnam trip with my mom.

Here’s a parade of different kinds of noodles that we have eaten so you can have an idea of what to eat in Vietnam. Costs around 20,000 – 50,000 VND except for the last picture which costs us 400 000 dong (i think we were ripped off though). Don’t be shocked by the prices, if you convert 20,000 dong, it’s only around 40 php or 1 usd…. :P

Here’s a noodle soup offered in the streets of Vietnam. This is the typical Pho Ga/Bun ga ( chicken noodle)
noodle soup in Vietnam

You think all noodles are the same? I thought so too.. But this one has a different name called Hu tieu. It also has a mix variety of meat in it.
noodle - Vietnam

And we transferred in another hotel and had – noodle soup. I don’t remember what meat it had.. hopefully not dog.
noodle soup - Vietnam

this one was the noodle soup we ate while on tour.  This is called Pho Bo. To be honest, they all taste noodles to me xD.. delicious noodles that is.
noodle in Vietnam

This one is noodles with thick soup and with loads of meat.
noodle with meat - Vietnam

Not all noodles have soup. This is the instant noodles that one of the hotel prepared for us:
instant noodles - Vietnam


Noodles wrapped in rice paper. Locals call this Nem cuon.

noodles wrapped in rice paper - Vietnam

This is delicious, a local delicacy called Bun Cha consisting of grilled pork and noodles. We have actually eaten this on the sidewalk and 2 orders cost around 400,000… dong :)) Yeah I do think we were ripped off.

noodles with meat  - Vietnam

So, there you go. Noodles galore.This gave me the idea that next time I’m gonna feature rice in different colors :))


Anyway for those who wanted to do food tours in Vietnam or in any countries in Asia, please let me know. I can connect you to my friends who can do the tours for you. You will be helping them in their travel funds too. Let’s all look forward to a fairer world, brighter days, and delicious food. :D

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