How do you know True Freedom?

Today, we celebrate our Independence Day.

That’s because today, June 12, is National Independence day in the Philippines. I’m grateful that our national heroes did everything they can to set our country free…. fast forward to today… think about it.. Are we truly free?

1. Do we have freedom of speech? Are journalists and the rest of the people free to say what they want to say without being threatened (or cyber bullied) ? Can honesty be spoken in such a way to not hurt people?

2. Are we free to do things we want to do? Do we do things because we feel we are born to do them? Do we like to work because we want to work? Do we like to write because we want to write? Do we like to cook because we want to cook? Are we doing our passions or purpose in life? Not binded or blinded by the money?

3. Speaking of money, do we feel rich? Not necessarily monetary but richness in other aspects in life. Are we rich in health and spirituality? Rich in the unconditional love that our family and friends are giving us? Do we not always think of money and base our decisions on this all the time?

4. Do we have abundant food? Do we not have problems about where and what to eat because Mother Nature is giving us land to plant and grow food?

5. Are we self sustainable yet interdependent? Do we know the value of each other? That jeepney driver is important otherwise who will give you cheap fare to ride everyday? That market vendor is needed.. That farmer or fisherman needs to upgrade his social status otherwise they might not farm or fish then might go abroad to search for good living conditions leaving you hungry or eat canned and junk foods thus get cancer.

In all fairness, life in the country is improving. Many people can now afford to travel.. facebook is now open to everyone, even our Balot vendor has a facebook account. And despite “regular” catastrophies of Mother Nature, we “regularly” get back on our feet as if nothing happened.

But we’re still a long way to go. I see young people that are very nationalistic and that’s a good sign… I guess. Hope it’s not only a facebook status.

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