Costa Rica: A Dream Travel Destination

Costa Rica: A Dream Travel Destination

Costa Rica stands as the most visited nation in the Central American region according to travel guides. I’ve never been to any other continents aside from Asia so ifever I set foot in Central America, then Costa Rica must be on my bucket list.

Actually it has been in my bucket list a long time ago.. and I’m just looking for the perfect timing to pick up a good hotel deal and keeping an eye out for sales or discounts or freebies. Who knows I might bring mom with me and avail a Costa Rica family vacation package.. we’ll see what the future holds.

What is the reason behind all this dreaming?

Reason 1. Costa Rica as one of the “greenest” country in the world. This is perfect for environmental friendly travelers who loves nature and wildlife and who love to visit eco friendly places. I actually got curious and lookup the Environment Performance Index of the Philippines.. and guess what I saw? It’s nowhere near the top.. xD

I think it will be great to experience best practices in Costa Rica so I can bring the good ideas back to my country. Besides, both countries are tropical, why can’t both be a green country.. Actually, just the action of planting more trees in the Philippines would be a great step towards making the country one of the greenest in the world..

Reason 2. It has no Army since 1948.. this is very interesting because I was thinking Armies are there to protect a nation, and what will happen if a war erupts between its border countries? Well, I guess its not happening.. and apparently no bloodshed is going on (that we know of).. it’s a breather though that there must be a way to eliminate conflicts in this world, and Costa Rica is paving the way to be a role model for peace.

Reason 3. I want to study in the University for Peace. I’ve been admitted for 2 consecutive years already but have not pushed thru with the enrolment because of you know… funds.

I’m happy with partial scholarship but its still a bigger challenge for me to look for funds for the rest of the tuition fee.. its also partly my fault because I keep on traveling xD.. But you know travel experience is a form of peace education too ya know..

But that is okay because I’m sure everybody can learn the art of peace.. even without a formal degree. We just learn how to love humanity, and enjoy what each country has to offer.. then earth will be a living paradise ^_^

Reason 4. Because I want to go travel anywhere. There you go.. maybe at the moment, I have accepted the fact that I still have to wait for my dream destination that is Costa Rica to be fully realized. I’m patient and not in a hurry to tick off my bucketlist. I’m just happy that the universe is slowly yet surely conspiring to make my travel dreams come true.

So how about you? Have you been to Costa Rica? Was it a great country like the one I’ve been reading online? What else did I miss should the Universe conspire for me to go to Costa Rica? ^_^

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Photo Courtesy of Dalina Mimi

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