Projects Update and celebrating my 4 years of freedom

Projects Update and celebrating my 4 years of freedom

I never thought I will survive redesigning my life so I can have freedom to have a balance life.. I’m still in progress state but to be honest, I still would like to choose this way of life and would do anything to maintain it.

Most people often wonder how I make money. I often think I’m lucky enough to be generating money while telling stories.. But I also have different jobs too, like I get paid to break stuff and I am paid to window shop so that’s an additional income ;).. Here’s a list of updates of my gigs:


1. and – All the earnings from the site are allotted for my travel funds so I can explore more homestays, stay with tribes, do community projects, create a beautiful life.

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Top searchers are from Philippines, United States, India, United Kingdom, Malaysia

2. Tech projects – at the moment, this income stream is a low earner. I got a high paying client back but only for a few days because they need someone who is onsite. Oh well, I really need to sit down and focus on this area.

3. Errand to go – Errands this past few months ranges from language translation to taking pictures of a perfume in a Mall :D… I have added 2 new admins from outside the Philippines so they can spread the project too.

4. Mystery shopping – As a Philippine coordinator, it’s fun to work with elitists, managers and CEOs on this mystery shopping gig. And delegating projects while I’m in the boondocks planting malunggay. Hope for more projects to come.

5. Rental properties – I have to let go of managing some properties of my friends sorry to those who inquired! But I was able to have a French lady visit the homestay in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. I’m also talking to a rentapreneur about promoting a Bohol apartment too. Awesome days ahead!

6. Online loading – I transfered the project to my neighbhor for her self sustainable livelihood. Let’s see how it goes.

Non Monetary Revenue

1. Grateful for the unlimited food every fiesta in my hidden paradise in Antique. There’s fiesta almost every week in different places and I have to bail out on the last invitation due to food overload. I need to give chance to others. For those who are curious, you can check out my story about Fiesta in the Philippines.

My other income streams that are not yet earning are my language tutorial site, my self sustainability site, online store where I sell beautiful paintings, and a book where I’m featured.


Working on the Road small


Hard life, I know.

To be honest, income streams are not consistent and I’ve experience a lot of dry months, and it happened while I was traveling too! So you see, travel sometimes is not fun :P

But all the more, I have experienced life worth living since the day I quit my regular day job, I never experienced playing politics in the workplace or having serious bad feelings toward someone, except when I fight with my siblings but that is normal right?

I would like to share with you what I have accomplished the past 4 years of freedom:

1. I have traveled more extensively now that I have luxury of time.. in fact, I will be traveling with my mother to Thailand and Vietnam this June, thank you piso fare and discount accommodation of friends and advertisers ^_^

I can’t wait to see those beautiful countries again! And I can’t wait to meet people and eat their kind of food too… Want to meet up? Let me know. ^_^

2. I also have lots of time with family, extended family, and have learned a few skills like cooking and gardening… I still failed 3 times to produce garlic though xD

I moved away from the concrete jungle, so no stress, no pollution, no traffic, hopefully no snatchers or house burglars exists in this hidden paradise.. it is helpful that most people, despite their seemingly poor appearance, are all well fed, thank you to Mother Earth who is generously providing sustenance..

Although this does not happen everywhere. In some villages, some people do not grow their own food.. thus becomes vulnerable and hungry. This mindset needs to change.

3. I can save now even with less salary than my corporate job because I cut on transportation costs and office attires. The cost of living in places where I travel are low yet quality of living is high.. When I was living in Makati, I was spending around 500-1000 pesos a day, now the expenses is significantly reduced. Of course I would like to still have a higher salary and have this quality of living, I’m working on it thru my diversified gigs..

4. I am able to contribute to worthy causes thru and was able to help fundraise for different organizations in Nepal, Thailand and the Philippines in collaboration with other international travel bloggers. I am actually taking a breather to these kinds of activities but I can’t help myself specially that sometimes I feel everyone is taking a breather too xD.. there’s a lot of things to do to make this world a better place.

5. I never desire to be famous. But after I quit my corporate job, I see my name on press. Well, it’s high time for simple living and frugality to be on the limelight. Cheers to coordinating luxury clients in posh malls while planting malunggay.. :D

aim high

It’s too early to say I’ve reached my goals but I’m happy with what is happening. And you know what, everyone can do this lifestyle too.

And I’m determined to make this kind of freedom work not just for me but for everybody…

Follow your bliss, and choose a job that you love so you will never have to work a single day in your life.


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