Things that gets easily lost or broken when you travel

Aside from the possibility of getting a broken heart… or a broken mind… when you set yourself on a travel voyage, whether short term or long term, expect that some stuff might get lost or broken.

The things I will mention below are items that I bought multiple times over the past few years because they break… sometimes easily, sometimes over a period of time… sometimes they break when I need them most…

Maybe planned obsolescence comes into play here. Or maybe it’s just plain talent that I break things effortlessly :D

Anyway, these are the things I have that gets lost or broken most often, and are sometimes replaced multiple times while I travel:

a. Backpack – Since the time I started traveling, I have replaced my backpack multiple times. I used to buy those cheap ones but the straps always broke. I also tried to buy an expensive one from a reputable mall, and the strap still got broken xD

I’m buying another one again. This time I’m basing my choice on the recommendations of travel friends. Let’s see how this goes. The picture below is a coffee shop in Laos and that one in the sofa was my backpack.. it’s kinda sturdy until mickey mouse ate a portion of it :D

laos coffee shop and backpack


b. Umbrella – If an umbrella does not get broken, it gets lost… multiple times. In fact I lost one just yesterday.

I thought buying a cheap one will be ok since I keep on losing this item anyway.. so I bought a cheap one in Hong Kong… yeah it did not get lost, but it did get broken after 5 months. Great.

c. Footwear – I have changed footwear, from tough boots to casual girls sandals several times during travels.

On my next buy, it does not matter if it’s leather sandals or simple rubber shoes as long as the footwear does not tear up easily… especially when I’m exploring in a far flung area.. and cute dogs see it as an exotic item.

sandals in Vietnam


d. Laptop – Since I started traveling on long term periods last 2008, I’ve already had 3 laptops. The average span of this gadget is around 3-5 years and it is my biggest expense so far.. although since I use it for working online, it gives me a bigger return of investment too. I just wish I didn’t have to replace them so often. This was me volunteering in the border of Myanmar and Thailand.

stoop low. aim high. grasya in Burma


e. Cellphone – There was a time that I was a fan of high end cellphones. I save a lot just to buy the newest release… then cry a lot when it gets stolen or broken.

After so many model upgrade, I gave up and just simply be connected… at least I won’t have hard feelings when this gadget gets broken or lost.

So those are the things that gets broken most often for me while traveling.. I did not mention clothes even if I use them regularly because luckily, my clothes are tough to not break on me. On the next buy though, it’s very important to make sure to choose a brand that has a good reputation.

And even if it’s not branded, make sure that the item is sturdy and has good feedback from consumers. It can be such a pain to always buy the same stuff over and over… Hopefully I’ll make it right this time and buy things that are more durable.

How about you? What stuff gets broken the most when you travel? Do you have a suggested remedy too?


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