Shopping in ShenZhen when traveling in China

Shopping in ShenZhen when traveling in China

Shenzhen, the bordering city to Hong Kong, is just a bus ride/ mtr away. It’s a good hang out and a huge shopping city at a tiny bit more than half the price of Hong Kong since most products are made in China nowadays. One should note that there are four border crossings between Hong Kong and China. Luohu is the most popular by far due to the easy accessible mtr that connects most of Hong Kong that would bring you right to the Chinese immigration entry. Aside from that, tourists from certain countries can obtain a 5 day visa at Luohu border. This list is forever changing. One day, Filipinos were allowed the 5 day Shenzhen visa, the next day they weren’t.

The minute you step into the city of ShenZhen, you’d realize the writings are different. Everything is written in simplified Chinese. Culture, language, education, government, clothing, and people wise, you would feel and see the difference between the people from China and people from Hong Kong. At the moment, there is some turmoil between the people from these two “countries”. If you look around carefully just outside the LuoHu border, you’d see some signs written in Chinese “buy/sell baby milk powder”. This is what a lot of people from Hong Kong are angry about. That people from China would come over to Hong Kong and buy a lot of the imported products in Hong Kong and bring it over to China to resell at a much higher price. Some years back, there was a case of poison in the Chinese made baby milk powder, hence the reason behind mainlanders (Chinese from China) buying or overbuying the products in Hong Kong and causing a shortage. In my opinion, I don’t see a reason why one should hate the mainlanders just because they are buying something from your country and reselling in theirs. It’s called business, isn’t it?

mall in shenzen
LuoHu Commercial City is something you would not miss when you exit the immigration control point. This mall offers almost everything and is a place where a lot of Hong Kong people and tourists would come and spend lots of money. From clothes to knock off brands to shoes, and of course, the massage and the mani/pedi cure at a very decent price. One could easily lose a whole day in a heavenly mall like this. If you are hungry, there’s the food court on the fifth floor too. Now, as for bargaining at a mall like this, the Shenzhen people have seen so many tourists by now, they know how to speak money English. Anything English related to money, they can understand. It’s easier to shop that way, but it means you might not win too much in the bargaining. I once heard a foreign man telling the shop owner “I live in China. I speak Chinese. Don’t try to fool me with your price.”

If you do end up staying until late in Shenzhen, head on over to the two famous bar streets: Huaqiao Town or Ocean World Square of Shekou District of Shenzhen. From what I’ve heard, they got extremely cool shows and lots of foreigners like to stop by there for a drink or two.

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