How I saved 50% of the original budget in our Makati staycation

How I saved 50% of the original budget in our Makati staycation

While people were going out of Metro Manila last holidays, on the other hand, we the promdis, took advantage of it and went to tour in the concrete jungle.

We stayed in a beautiful condo in Makati and the staycation was soooooo worth it.

makati at night
The place was situated in the 30th floor in the heart of Makati. It has complete amenities with swimming pool, gymn, wifi, aircon, hot shower and kitchen.. the place was very nice that we almost wouldn’t want to go out of the place during the whole staycation xD


It was near greenbelt and other malls, and near a park too. It feels so odd to be a tourist while you see busy people walking fast in the prime business district in the Philippines.. and to think that one time, I was once like that busy bitchy person wearing high heeled (name your shoe brand here) in the streets of the concrete jungle..


makati staycation
Well, the world is round people and we each have our highs and lows.. definitely, that day was a high for me.. don’t worry I’m going back to farm living when I get back to the boondocks ;D

Anyway, so you asked me how I was able to save 50%? Before we decided to go to the Metro, I was searching around on where to best spend a mini reunion. The most basic private pool that we can get is worth 10,000.00 pesos for 24 hours, excluding the food and the transportation expenses.

But when we had this staycation in the heart of Makati, the styled condo with complete amenities costs only (tada!) $75 for 5 people. We even had more budget for food and transportation which is an estimate of 2000 pesos. Total spending cost is around 5000.00 pesos only compare to spending 10000 pesos on a private resort in Laguna, the staycation in Makati is a super duper deal.


makati staycation2
I actually don’t want to reveal the location of the place because I discovered it.. finders keepers :P

But I also remember sharing is caring so I need to practice what I preach xD..

I also had a deal with the super gracious host Dianne and Louise because they gave me a discount, soooo if you want to have a perfect staycation like we did, feel free to ask me so I can refer you to them..

Want to have a discount too? I’m giving you P1,113 travel credit once you sign up at airbnb using this link… so there you go, hopefully, more Filipino people in different sectors of society, will get to travel their own country and also get to have fun.

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  1. I’m interested with this one. I would like my mom to experience staying in a hotel with swimming pool. But, the price always hinder me so. Imagine my excitement when I read this! So please, super duper please… drop me an email. I’ll return the favor, if I can. Have an awesome day!!

  2. Hello! very nice and helpful blog!😁 I’ve been looking for a nice place near Manila which costs reasonable and worth it. please please also send me an email 🙌🏻🙋🏻

  3. Hello I am looking for a cheap nice place,
    hope you can help me provide info about this hotel :-)’Thank you so much

  4. Hi! Is this still available next next week? I want details for this place. Can you email me? That would be so glad! Thank you. :)

  5. Great place for staycation! I sure wanna try :) Can you email me the details maam? Thank you so much in advance. :)

  6. Hi im planning a staycation on my sons 7th bday but im on a budget can u help me i just want my son and mom expirience staying in hotel tnx

  7. Hi! Nice experience, wanna try it too! Kindle help me po as I’am planning a staycation for my college buddies this May 7. May i know the details of this place, please? Thank you and best regards! :)

  8. Hi! You’re blog helped alot. I’m looking for a place like this to stay with my friends. Can you please please email me about it? Thank you so muchhh. <3

  9. Hi we are planning to have a staycation for my daughter’s birthday this weekend. Please send me the details please. Thank you:)

  10. Hi! I’m looking for an affordable place to stay in Manila with my family. Could you kindly send me info on the condo where you stayed? Thanks!

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