Sustainability: Easter Reflections on growing your own food

“Why wait to die to experience heaven when we can create mini heavens here on earth.”

That quote was a thought years ago. Besides, in the Christian religion, Jesus died to save us, so why are some people still suffering? There are many factors.. but some of these problems have solutions.. it may not be easy at first, or it may require a long time but it can be done.

Easy to say.. In my case.. Easy to write.

The Philippines is a tropical paradise where plants grow 24/7.. It’s not like winter where everything freezes and plants die if they don’t get proper insulation.. well we don’t have winter alright, we just have typhoons and floods xD.. that’s another problem that needs another solution.

Going back to growing your own food, this is a very good example of how a family who lives in a small area can be self sustainable.

Do you know other communities who are self sustainable? Once I start that long journey, I might visit them too.. These are places that are mini heavens and delivers the promise of salvation so that people will not go hungry. Food security then is solved.

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