10 things you need to bring for long term travels

When I lived and traveled in India for 7 months, I only had 1 big luggage bag and a backpack. Half of the bag was food because I know it will take some time adjusting to the spicy food of the country.

Same thing happened when I lived and traveled in Thailand. But then when I backpacked last 2013 in South East Asia and then backpacked again in Nepal and Malaysia last year, my luggage bag got a bit smaller..

I aim to have minimal things to bring next time.. although I still have to figure out how to travel with bulky winter clothes if I start traveling to Paris, Italy, Germany, Spain or any other country in my dream travel destination list.. hmm any suggestions?

For the curious, here is what I plan to bring that you can also bring once you start that long term travel.

1. Clothes – Backpacking on a small baggage is not a problem when traveling in tropical countries because you carry light clothes only. But this time, it will be a challenge to figure out how to bring winter clothes on a small baggage..

Anyway.. I should remember how I packed my bags when I was in Nepal..


2. Laptop and universal adaptor – I could not live with my laptop. It gives me my food and travel funds. For the past 6 years, I always have bought a laptop with me during my travels. That is because this is where I work and earn online. Who says you can’t mix work and travel? I worked online in this carinderia in Pokhara, Nepal ^_^

work while traveling
3. Cellphone – Since I started traveling, I have a very cheap small cellphone. I’m just happy to be simply connected so the smaller the lighter, the better. This is also a way to not get too much attention from snatchers.

4. WIFI and Solar powered gadgets – I’m bringing online work with me so if I will be in the middle of nowhere, I will still need to find ways to get connected. I will need to get a solar powered charger for my gadgets too.. sponsors pretty please. ^_^

5. Toiletries – some Filipinos bring tabo while they travel. I know it might seem weird but since I’m traveling with a limited baggage, I’ll device something small like a cup..

6. Medicines – The last time I checked I’m healthy.. I didn’t get sick when I was traveling in cold beautiful Nepal. It is still better to be prepared so I’ll bring a medicine kit with me.

7. ATM and cash – Now I need to be aware that sometimes, there will be credit and ATM card scams. And since I have also experienced having my ATM stuck and I cannot withdraw money for some reason, I therefore must be ready to have different sources of funds.

8. ID and Passport – Oh yeah. Must not forget!

9. Books – I love reading books. I actually can find time to read when I’m traveling. Usually during waiting on board a plane, or on a train or bus ride, or when I get tired of people watching. This book “What is mine is yours” is thick, if I could just get a smaller version, I would finish reading it.

what is mine is yours
I’m aiming to read “The End of Power” and any book about self sustainability this year.. I still have to buy the book! But donations or trade ins are welcome so I don’t have to buy one… But if there is no space in the luggage, I will then have to give way to a rather more important stuff which is..

10. Comfort food – Yep. Last but not the least. There will be times I’ll crave for food that are not readily available in the country where I’ll be traveling.. These comfort foods were a life saver when I was adjusting to the super spicy food in India. So I will need to find a way to squeeze these noodles in my bag on the next journey.

For those who are on the planning stage, start planning already after you have gotten cheapflights to your target destination. You can also compare flights via skyscanner, momondo, or whatever tool that you think is best for you to get the best bargain. I’m done buying the tickets. Then I’ll figure out where to go from Dubai to the other side of the world..

**I bought the ticket but wasn’t able to go last year because of the usual reason – lack of travel funds. I hope the year 2016 is the lucky year.

There is still very plenty of time and months to prepare but of course, I need to plan where to go next.. Any suggestion?

I plan to stay in places that exhibits self sufficient lifestyles so I can learn something when I get back from my travels. Unique homestays and tribestays should also be in the agenda. Of course I should pamper myself in a hotel once in a while.. I’m pretty flexible with ideas. We’ll see how it goes.

I feel jittery and excited and pressured. But I trust that the Universe will conspire for me to have a safe trip this time.

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