10 ways to be happy and FREE tickets to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Talk on April 8, 2015

10 ways to be happy and FREE tickets to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Talk on April 8, 2015

A few weeks ago, I have seen this video.. I paused and reflect.. one chapter of my life was like this:



Well, unfortunately, I can relate to the guy working hard in the video.. Perhaps in the future chapters, I will be able to relate to the woman but we will see :P

That is why there is a need to pause. To reflect. To simply be happy… and if at times, I feel the blues, I do stuff below. You can do the same too:

1. I practice gratefulness. I pray the rosary, meditate, be grateful that despite surviving “Jai Ho” living in India, despite that freaking bus in Laos, that horrifying small boat from El Nido to Coron, getting bites by mongrels and fearing for rabies, etc etc… I’m still alive (?).. And I should be grateful that my mom, despite being sooo annoying at times, is still alive and healthy.. she still cooks for me and treats me like an overgrown baby, and then delivers extemporaneous speech called sermon regularly. Despite that, I’m grateful.

2. I travel, see new sights, eat new food, meet new people.. These experiences awakens all my senses.. and then I forget that I’m sad. ^_^… that’s cow dung in India.. I blurt a silly laugh when I browse pictures of my travels sometimes ^_^

cow dung in India

3. I get myself busy by doing my favorite hobbies like reading books, or writing stories in my blog.. it will be great if your hobby earns you money but as a first step, you should do it as a passion first.. at least it should make you happy.

job quote

4. I do small things with love.. and hope it creates ripple effects after.

5. I meet friends.. I’m not really a people person.. I have very few close friends. But just spending time with people you like gives a great feeling after.

6. Gardening makes me happy… and then eating the harvested veggies afterwards is bliss

7. I play with pets.

8. I watch funny videos.

9. I take care of myself. If I feel burnt out, I just stop. Sometimes there is a need for sacrifice but I tell myself this too shall pass.. and sooner I will have the break.

10. And then I sleep… Let the fears/trials/tribulations take care of its own. Tommorow  is a new day. :P

Your might have a different approach on how to deal with sadness. But hope these suggestions can help to lighten up your days. And here’s another reason to be happy. Courtesy of Art of Living and I meditate PH, and in partnership with Copylandia, Jockey and Shangrila, I’m giving away free tickets to this 1 day event – Secrets of Inner Strength and Happiness by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on April 8, 2015.

sri sri ravi shankar
Comment in why you wanted to attend the event and I will give you 2 tickets. There are 10 tickets and my readers are just small so I hope to give tickets to everyone interested.. Otherwise, I’ll just have to choose via random.org

Let’s hope to get more freebies for you in the future. ^_^ For now, let us aim to be happy.

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