Travel has taught me how to love

Travel has taught me how to love

** I wrote this on a Valentines day last Feb 14, 2013.. it still applies to this day, with the addition of a few countries and places ;D.. enjoy reading!

let my words flow
playfully inside my soul

let the melody of a song
invite me to compose this poem

let the sweet wind
carress my long black hair

let your imaginary eyes
radiate a delightful stare

I created that poem a long long time ago.. More corniness if you click here. Couldn’t believe how cheesy I was..

But that was ages ago and im not really that flirty flirt :P… I’m a changed lady now. Ohm~~



Because my travels taught me the whole new meaning of loving. My travels taught me to love different people. ^_^ And they are indeed plenty. Different colors of hair, colors of eye, different nationalities and religion.. and gender too! ^_^





presenting my loves:


and yeah, i call them friends, and yes, I do love them… the platonic way.. but still I do love them ^_^..


My travels also taught me to love not just people, but places.. I have declared my love for Bohol here in the Philippines..

I have a proposal, can we be together dear Bohol? :)) But hope you dont mind if I love other places and countries too ok?

But I love Antique too.. and not to mention the allure of Tawi tawi.. And yes I love my bed in Lake Sebu.. Colors of the mosquito net are real pretty ya? ^_^

And did I mention I’m also deeply  in love with Thailand? So much in love I’m going back there soon.. and yes how can I forget enchanting Myanmar/Burma…


And it has been a long time since I was in India but memories (and smell) still linger like it was yesterday.

If I wasn’t left by my flight in Malaysia, I could have enjoyed my trip 100% and would really loved it.. but maybe it needs a second chance, we’ll see.. Speaking of second chances, how I long to see Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore again.. and seeing Laos for only 2 hours is a bit unfair.. not really complaining but next time I really have to make a plan to see plain of jars..


And my last country crush is Indonesia.. why are you so hard to forget Cinta? I was traveling solo but people who became friends made me feel like I was not really solo at all..

So yeah, travel taught me to love different people and places..


But you know what the truth is? It’s that little baby you’re holding, and its that man you fought with this morning, that’s true, that’s love too.. the last sentence is stolen from a lyrics of a song –  I’ve never been to me.. (corny strike 2)


So there you go, may we celebrate love with its different forms and meaning… not only today but hopefully everyday ^_^

UPDATE as of Feb 2015, I have added Nepal as my latest country crush. Malaysia was sweeter the second time around as well as Vietnam and of course Thailand.. so sweet, I will go back there again this time together with my mom.. On the other hand, Hong Kong, which is my least favorite country, has been good to me from my last visit.. Looking forward to what’s in store for upcoming years dear Universe… how lovely indeed is our dwelling place

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