The art of creative gardening

The art of creative gardening

I love how people from urban areas are coping up with the busy lifestyle yet finding ways to still maintain a garden…

I used to be a busy urban lady who only goes home to sleep.. I tried to take care of a few cactus but alas – they didn’t lived longer.. don’t blame me for not watering the plants, I had a housemate too (hi ate Nina :D)..

So that is why I salute people who have the green thumb to grow a garden in the urban jungle.

Here’s what I saw from my hostel in Hong Kong. The wall garden is in the 2nd floor.

wall garden inside a hong kong building
I like urban gardens that adds beauty to a place.. Specially if the plants in the garden are all edible :D.. here’s what I saw in Malaysia:

hanging garden in Malaysia
For those with no space for a garden, try to create rooftop gardens as well. We have a rooftop garden ^_^.. This one is the rooftop garden of a former VSO Volunteer and a former business partner mommy Lilia Oguis.

rooftop garden in Cebu
Meanwhile, this one is in Indonesia:

plants in the rooftop - indonesia
You can accessories a garden by putting in outdoor furnitures. Yeah tables and chairs can complete that garden relaxation setting..



I like creative thinking like converting old stuff into something new. See the bicycles that are converted into flower decorations? Aren’t they pretty?


bicycle art

And you can put in more fancy decorations like a water fountain.


bicycle art

or how about be playful like putting in these cuties?


garden decorations

I don’t have a talent in designing yet but I adore beautiful places and gardens like this.. maybe someday, we can convert our house garden into something beautiful too.. who knows. ^_^

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