This Grasya is in Hong Kong.. again

The Filipina in charge of the boutique hotel inn asked me – “are you not afraid of getting lost? You know some locals do not speak English? And some you know have strong character they might appear as rude to you but it’s normal for them”

I assured Ate, default name for big sister, to not worry. I’ve been lost in Hong Kong before so I’m used to it already.. well, getting lost has become part of the agenda in my travels already.. I’ve become so used to it that I think I can consider myself an expert on the field.

She laughed at me for not displaying a hint of worry. I thank her for worrying about me though.. at least she cares enough to make sure I’m traveling safe.

boat in hong kong

I’ve been here before so not really keen on going around. I’m just here for a client meeting and to eat exotic food.. Don’t worry my intestines survived the big waves when I was traveling during a tropical depression, it should survive snake soups and other exotic food here. More details of the trip later.

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