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Pope Francis Philippine Itinerary

I have visited the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal, I have visited different Mosques when I travel to Muslim countries, it seems fitting that I join the millions of people to welcome Pope Francis in the Philippines because I’m Roman Catholic.

The travel to Europe will follow.. as soon as I got travel funds to go to that part of the world.. not sure when.. Hopefully this year dear Universe/Angels/Saints/God? ^_^

Anyway, here goes the Pope’s itinerary:

January 15

5:45 pm – Arrival in Manila, followed by a motorcade to the Apostolic Nunciature, or the Vatican Embassy, along Taft Avenue

January 16

9:15 am – Welcome ceremony in the presidential palace, Malacañang, with a courtesy visit to Philippine President Benigno Aquino III

10:15 am – Meeting with civil authorities and the diplomatic corps, and a speech by Francis; followed by a motorcade to the Manila Cathedral

11:15 am – Holy Mass with bishops, priests, and consecrated persons at the Manila Cathedral; followed by a motorcade to the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City

5:30 pm – Meeting with families at the Mall of Asia Arena

January 17

8:15 am – Departure for Tacloban City, from the Villamor Air Base

9:30 am – Arrival in Tacloban City

10 am – Concelebrated Mass near the Tacloban airport

12:45 pm – Lunch with several Yolanda survivors at the Archbishop’s Residence in Palo, Leyte

3 pm – Blessing of the Pope Francis Center for the Poor in Palo, Leyte

3:30 pm – Meeting with priests, consecrated persons, seminarians, and families of Yolanda survivors at the Palo Cathedral

5 pm – Departure for Manila

6:15 pm – Arrival in Manila, at the Villamor Air Base

January 18

9:45 am – Meeting with leaders of various religions at UST in Manila

10:30 am – Meeting with the youth in the sports field of UST, and a speech by Francis; followed by a motorcade to Rizal Park

3:30 pm – Concluding Mass at Rizal Park, Manila

January 19

9:45 am – Departure ceremony at the presidential pavilion of the Villamor Air Base

10 am – Departure for Rome

pope francis visit

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One Response to “Pope Francis Philippine Itinerary”

  1. When Pope John Paul visited Philippines way back 1981 .. my parents named me after him … when he went back to PH i was second year student it was 1995 i remember singing Heal our land..

    Pope Francis is a smiling Pope but he said Catholics dont have to breed like rabbits… well im the 10th child of our family and i do agree with him… Pope for the poor he is and im glad he visited Leyte and care for the victims of Yolanda … we are blessed he visited us.. i believe many child born this month will be named Francis..

    Posted by John Paul | January 21, 2015, 5:13 am

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