2nd Asian Cleanup Campaign conference by the Let’s Do It Movement

A few days ago, last Nov 27-30 2014, I attended this conference in Cebu about cleaning up the environment. This is organized by the Let’s Do It Movement and Seed4Com led by Dann Diez from the Philippines, Kadi Kenk and Margo Loor from Estonia


The event was the 2nd Conference in Asia with the goal of creating zero waste countries and getting volunteers to do a One Day Cleanup activity by Sept 2015. You can also learn more about it by searching on the following hashtags: ‪#‎letsdoitph‬ ‪#‎letsdoitasia‬ ‪#‎worldcleanup‬

And so I thought it was just a 4 day creative discussion on how to put the trash in the trash bin but I have underestimated the topics and there were actually times I nosebled.. (Nosebled/nosebleed is a Filipino term you use when you feel dumb during geeky discussions)


LDI activity


As much as I’d like to capture the whole 4 day event like what I did during the Asia Pacific Mediation Summit, this time, I will only note the conversations I had with speakers and delegates from different countries.. and I will attempt to relay simple statements so everyone can understand. Feel free to let me know if you want more details so I can connect you with necessary people.

Some of the side discussions that I noted here were not related to cleaning up the environment though… but this is my blog and I can say what I want ya? :P.. Anyway, here goes:

Fashionable jewelries and gowns made from recyclable materials like recycled paper, rubber/plastic, and retaso (spare cuttings from clothes) were displayed in Cebu City Hall when we visited last Nov 27.. I never knew paper can be transformed into jewelry…. That’s what you call zero waste indeed. This was made possible by designer Jerrick Macasocol and the jewelry company Floreia.

ecoart collage

In the Philippines, there are 335+ people living per square kilometer, although you can find most of these people in the cities. In Estonia, there are 35+ people living per square kilometer, the rest are forest – Margo from Estonia

Bank Sampah Malang in East Java, Indonesia accepts trash instead of money as deposit.. You can then withdraw money for your education, special Feast occasions , or exchange the trash for groceries instead of money – Reni Alista from Indonesia

Clams and Kangkong can be used to cleanup our rivers…. But if you will eat these clams and kangkong, the dirt toxins will then transfer to your body! Be careful with what you buy in the market, you might get cancer without you knowing it. – Prof Eric Roque from Adamson University, Philippines

**note: people in the discussion were probably just paranoid but for me, I think its always better if you grow your own food

“In Vietnam, a really dirty man-made canal Nhieu Loc – in Ho Chi Minh City, was completely transformed into a beautiful clean fresh canal with fish swimming and people jogging along the sides. Believe in the human effort that positive changes can be made” – Duy Anh Le from Vietnam

If the Philippines is a poor country, how come Metro Cities have traffic jam due to many cars? – Fe Ritz from Samal Island, Davao, Philippines

Geodesic Dome is an architectural structure that is typhoon and earthquake resistant and it’s being pioneered in Cebu.. The regular houses today have been proven time and again to break during strong earthquakes and typhoons, this new house design will aim to provide a solution – Johannes Le from Germany

You can see details at https://www.facebook.com/horizonspreschoolcebu

Our Call To Action

Now the delegates of the conference can’t do all the cleaning up alone. Please help us map the waste of the world by going to the Let’s Do It World website and map the waste in your surroundings… doesn’t really matter where you are in this part of the Earth. If you see a bunch of trash in a place where its not supposed to be there, take a picture and report it in the map… this way, people will automatically see where the trash site is and do necessary cleanups in that area.


lets do it mapping

I look around the site and realized you don’t need a smartphone to add to the map database. A camera and an internet connection will do. At the moment, the Philippines have 18 trash sightings, I’m sure there should be plenty more.

If you or your organization are doing some cleanup activities, you might want to join the Let’s Do It Movement for the One Day Cleanup Event on Sept 20, 2015, kindly reach out to the LDI organizers in your country on how to best work together.

The next meeting on January 10-11, 2015 is a call for 100 leaders in different parts of the Philippines to plan and organize the big event on September. If you are interested to be participate in this movement, please let me know so I can endorse you to the organizers.

Actually, you don’t even need to wait for Sept 10, 2015, why not do and organize cleanups now? Start with your room, your house, your street, village and create ripple effects of cleanliness..

Let us all look forward to a brighter and cleaner tomorrow… We don’t want to end up like the video below right? ^_^

My travel and life quote for this journey: If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito – African proverb

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