Long Preparation for a Long Term Travel

Long Preparation for a Long Term Travel

As much as I’m enjoying my roots and having my regular travels to different family houses in different islands of the Philippines, the travel itch to discover other places and meet new people has begun.

Oh no.

I know.

I still crave for comfort and fancy living.. and loved my routine of traveling to the mall and back.. I mean I deserve this travel routine after surviving years of misadventures right?

But then I realize, that is where I’m good at.. I mean falling flat on my face, and earning a great story from all those misfortunes.. and since I’m running out of boo boos, I should start collecting them again.

That’s my masochistic self talking..

antique road less traveled

I should have learned from all these previous experiences anyway.. and need to plan more carefully.. and make sure all income streams are up and running coz I don’t want to end up like what happened in Nepal where I lost an income stream and got friends and family staring in my facebook feed… yes.. STARING. Although I do understand people’s priorities. Good thing travel funds started pouring in from strangers, thank you so much!

I also don’t want to end up in a situation where my bank did not spit up cash, good thing I had a spare ATM. Happened twice in Malaysia when an airplane went ahead of me.. and in Thailand..

On the other hand, I also don’t want to stir up negative emotions because really there are lots to be thankful for.. specially the love I received on the road are really priceless.

I was (and still am) a nobody, an anonymous traveler.. but people took care of me like I’m special..

So I’m here to discover more of them.. I’m sure somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight are people who still have kind spirits and beautiful hearts..

At the moment I’m dreaming of Australia, Europe, Canada, or anywhere really.. and I’m a few hundred $$ away from buying the ticket and a few thousand $$$ away from my daily allowance allocation.. and the visa challenges for mere mortals is another challenge too.

I’ve been good at budgeting and found ways to travel in style with little budget.. I love to travel in remote areas but might splurge a bit and do some touristy activities if there’s extra money, I love to eat different varieties of food, and if I can get a bit adventurous, might do winter activities like skiing too.. Although I will need to be sure I’ll have insurance because I know myself as a magnet of mishaps.

But before I go out and travel again.. I must make sure my projects are up and running.. specially grasya.org and the Mobile Library so more books and vehicle volunteers pretty please.

It’s all happening and I feel the universe is conspiring.. Hold on a bit Grasya, the future is bright.

My travel and life quote for this story: Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen

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