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5 ways to stay in luxury hotels for free

Few days ago, me and my mom went to stay in a posh hotel in Manila. I know that is not so frugal of me.. But the catch there is its actually a complimentary voucher from a travel agency. Thank you Travel Pony.


Below is a picture of my mom at The Heritage Hotel in Manila.

mommy at Heritage Hotel

I have stayed in luxury hotels for various reasons.. most of them for free. Actually you can do this too! How? Let me spill the secret for you.

Tip number 1: Join Contests.

Sometimes establishments give out promos and contests as a marketing strategy. Join these contests and who knows maybe you’ll be the lucky winner and finally have the chance to stay in these posh places for free. I was able to host contests in this blog but I still have to look out for a luxury hotel sponsor to promote their hotel here. Maybe in the future, we’ll see.

Tip number 2: Ask for friends who are staying in the hotels to let you stay there too.

When I was in Kolkata India, a rich donor went to visit the NGO I was volunteering with and invited all the volunteers to hang out in a posh hotel so imagine my excitement, I was like a squeeky girl deprived from material richness :D

In the Philippines, a Thai friend went to my country for a workshop on something about agriculture. She then stayed in a luxury hotel after and invited me to sleep over. You know what I did? Of course I slept over! Deep inside I was green with envy and ask how can I also be invited in a workshop so I can stay in a hotel for free… I mean I wouldn’t mind getting my hands dirty in the farm and stay in a hotel after :D..

This was at the Malayan Plaza Hotel in Ortigas, Pasig, Metro Manila. I only have an Ipod at that time so never knew the importance of having a camera bling bling. ^_^


And then… after a few months, my wish was answered.

Tip number 3: Attend Workshops and Conferences.

Well, this is not really free coz you’ll do a bit of work. I was invited to attend conferences and document workshops that was held in 5 star hotels. Two of them were National Disability Forum and the World Wide Views on Biodiversity conferences. I get to stay in hotels as part of the perks.

Tip number 4: Create a blog.

Your blog can be a marketing tool and can be used by hotels to showcase their amenities for free. The disadvantage is that, since they are sponsoring you, you can’t really give them a negative review. This one was at Azalea Residences in Baguio.

Tip number 5: Look for sponsors.

If you have a rich family or partner, you can ask them to let you stay in a hotel for free on your birthday. Problem solved ^_^

Ok, there goes some of my tips. Actually, I have this thought of converting our simple homes to look and feel like luxury hotels.. so everyday can feel like luxury without splurging too much money… what do you think? ;D

My travel and life quote: A flower does not think of competing against another flower next to it, it just blooms

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