Book Review: 7 Habits of highly effective people – Stephen Covey

I first read the book when I was a yuppie teaching in college. Guess that’s the reason why I was able to handle big babies that are bigger (and sometimes older) than me. When I left my teaching job and eventually transferred to a corporate working environment, I then gave the book to a coworker.. and have forgotten about it until I read an old diary I wrote when I left everything to stay in Tagaytay for a 6 month long retreat.

Anyway, here’s some notes that you might find useful too:

1. Be proactive
2. Begin with the end in mind
3. Put first things first

4. Think win/win
5. Seek first to understand, then be understood
6. Synergize

Continous Improvement
7. Sharpen the saw

Six Major Deposits
– understand the individual
– attending to the little things
– keeping commitments
– clarifying expectations
– showing personal integrity
– apologizing sincerely when you make a withdrawal

You can read more about the details on the book. This book reminds me to act rather than be acted upon.. I used to be a passive person, and sometimes I still am.. but people who achieved change did not wait for circumstances to be always on their favor.. They are focused on their goals and eventually achieve it.

Ok, if I can just fooOoocus. Wait, I’m hungry. What’s that on facebook? Darn Q$%@$^! ok, fine.

The book also reminded me to not have a win/lose mentality, where I’m so focus on the goal that I loose sight of what is around me. There are people who are successful yet have broken families, broken hearts, broken spirit. There is a need to provide a space where everybody wins because that is how a peaceful society can be attained.

Six Major Deposits stated by this book reminds me of the book “What is mine is yours“.. The book states that reputation capital becomes a currency to build trust between strangers. A concrete example is couchsurfing, where the more you earn feedbacks, the more people will let you in their houses. The universe somehow gives back..

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