How to make your own Korean Kimbap or Japanese Sushi

How to make your own Korean Kimbap or Japanese Sushi

I was at a mall in Manila the other day with a friend. And because we miss Japanese food, we proceeded to eat in a Japanese restaurant that offers buffet sushi servings.

It was great to eat sushi again, but when I looked at the prices, 2 sushi costs around 100 pesos already.. In the sunday market in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2 sushi will only cost you 10 baht, or around 15 pesos… so the price is really an overkill xD


It was great to give in to cravings from time to time, but I think its better if you just make your own sushi… sorry Japanese restaurants.. I’ll still go eat in your restaurants if I feel like splurging… ;D

Anyway, for those who are frugal smart, here’s the steps on how to make your own experimented Maki Sushi.. or Korean Kimbap.. Thank you to my Korean friends who taught me how to do this last 2004..

Seaweed Paper, you can buy this in the supermarket
Sticky rice, if its not available, plain rice will do
Ripe Mango
Scrambled Eggs
Crab Sticks, you can buy this in the supermarket
Kikoman soysauce

1. Cook rice, then cook scrambled eggs
2. Cut vertical slices of mango, cucumber and scrambled eggs
3. Spread thin amounts of rice evenly in seaweed paper
4. Place slices of mango, cucumber, eggs, and crab sticks on top of rice
5. Roll seaweed paper
6. Cut the rolled sushi/kimbap into slices.. or if you’re feeling lazy, dip them into soysauce and eat them up already ^_^


That’s my experimented Korean kimbap or Japanese sushi version that is very Oishi/Mashita/Aroy/Masarap! ^_^ So next time, please don’t get ripped off by overpriced sushi again, unless you’re willing to get ripped off ^_^

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  1. Grasya dear, I know a small japanese restaurant which is a favorite of mine but the prices are not that sky high. 8 cali maki for 120, fresh tuna sashimi for 120, miso soup for 50. The first two is good for sharing. And it’s here in Mandaluyong. When my sched is fixed and you’re back in Manila I’ll take you there!

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