Giveaway: Stay in this beautiful home for FREE

Giveaway: Stay in this beautiful home for FREE

I lived in this beautiful house last year when I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Now, I wanted to share to a lucky reader what it is like to live there. This is made possible in collaboration with Ms Punika Shinawatra, I really realized even if I’m not (yet) rich with money, I still have rich friends… errr.. so I feel rich because of affinity.. you get the drift ;D

These four Lanna styled houses are located down south in Chiang Mai. And because these beautiful houses are located a bit far from the walled city center, it is perfect for small group retreats, which I’m planning to do together with other brilliant retreat masters soon… or if you are a solo traveler like me, it is perfect if you want some peace and serenity.

Chiang Mai Lanna House

The Lanna styled houses will make you feel the authentic Chiang Mai way of life, yet it’s still has that modern touch because of the air conditioning, television, and hot shower. Internet is provided upon request.

If you haven’t been to my fairy city, I highly recommend that you grab the chance to stay in this beautiful place for free! And who knows, if the fairy city decides to cast a spell on you, no matter what, you will always go back.

The beautiful villa can be booked at Airbnb. Feel free too get a glimpse here.

How to get the chance to win a free stay in this beautiful home? Join the raffle below, it starts on July 25-August 25,2014. Winner will be declared on August 26, 2014.

The winner will need to claim the prize until December 26, 2014; otherwise, it can be given as a gift to someone going within the timeframe. The property is not always available so please check with the owner on the schedule of visit ahead of time. Good luck ^_^

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Congratulations goes to Mia Kristiina Armada of Finland! You have won a FREE stay in this beautiful Lanna house villa for a WEEK.. Plus you will also get FREE travel advices from me once you get to travel in South East Asia. Kindly email me at grasya (at) on how to claim your prize. Have fun! ^_^

26 thoughts on “Giveaway: Stay in this beautiful home for FREE

  1. We can meditate and/or recite sutras together and I can make delicious flan or vegan curries for you and read your tarot cards… :)))

  2. Should I win the free stay, I would be able to bring my boyfriend for a surprise trip to Chiang Mai. He has never been in Thailand and I want to show him our culture and lifestyle.

  3. I really want to have a vacation and this is a great opportunity that I will not pass. I want to have quality relaxation. Chiang Mai here I come!

  4. I want to win this because, I’ve never been to Chiang Mai before even though I’ve been to Bangkok a few times.

  5. I want to visit Chiang Mai. It’s in my bucket list. If I win, I want my Mom to stay with me in this beautiful place. She has a lot of health issues and a change of scenery would certainly do her some good. Thanks for this giveaway.

  6. I need this getaway because I have been a good boy lately and I plan to do so permanently, I need some retreat for more contemplating and soul-searching and deeper relationship, appreciating God’s graces…

  7. We are planning for our year end get away to Chiang Mai. This blog just gave us the chance to really enjoy our stay in Chiang Mai

  8. I hope to create a window into the ecstatic experience that I encounter everyday, transcending the trappings of the material world. The opportunity to experience the serenity, silence and beauty which Chiang Mai can offer is a wonderful journey that would surely nourish my soul.

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