Where to eat horse in Cebu

Where to eat horse in Cebu

I’m trying to be vegetarian.. in fact, I ate more veggies than meat since I came home from Nepal.

But sometimes you have to be adventurous not to miss out on fun stuff :D… such as eating horse meat…This is a very delayed article though, the last time I went there was last year and I’m just featuring it now..

I’m sure that horse went to heaven for fulfilling a grand purpose of making our tummy happy… but I’m not gonna eat horse meat again, not because I hate the taste but I can’t imagine a horse being slaughtered :((

horse meat

How was the taste? It’s like a blend of beef and pig.. but definitely taste like meat. Geesh, no one will ever invite me to do a food tasting promotion here ;D

I also ate corn rice instead of the regular rice.. taste like rice really.. you might want to try it out of curiousity.

horse meat and corn rice

Where did I ate it? Go here:
Barangay Pardo, Cebu City
at the back of Pardo Police Station at Pardo Wet Market


Big thanks goes to my cousin kuya Jung and his pretty angel Angelica for letting me go to undiscovered places in Cebu ^_^

where to eat horse meat

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