How to take a bath using 4 to 5 dippers of water

This has been tried and tested by me in Bohol and in Samar.. The Philippines is surrounded by huge bodies of water yet, safe drinking and bathing water is sometimes scarce specially in summer and in hilly areas.. I even experienced problems with water when I lived in Tagaytay for 6 months and this place is supposed to be a touristy place!

Most houses don’t have a shower and the only means of getting water is thru faucet or water pump.. And there will be times that no water will even go out of the water pump.

water pump in the philippines

I know scary, but it doesn’t happen all the time here, wait for rainy and typhoon season and water will be overflowing again xD

Anyway, here goes the steps, hope you learned a thing or two.

1. Get a large empty basin and stand inside it.
2. Get 1 dipper (tabo) of water and soak your face towel in it.. then let the water flow slowly in your body. Make sure the basin catches the water dripping out of you.
3. Rub the wet face towel with soap and rub it in your body. Dip in another water and if your hair is wet enough, you can shampoo already.
4. The next dips should be used to rinse yourself.
5. After you finished, the water from the basin can be used to flush the toilet.

Water is now used for 2 purposes… Ain’t that great? ;D

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