A visit to 2 islands in North Samar, Philippines

A visit to 2 islands in North Samar, Philippines

I was in north Samar these past few days.. spent most days in 2 wee islands, where one is almost not seen in the map.

Anyway, I’ve got a few things to blog about these two islands. The first one is San Juan island, an island barangay in Lavezares, and another one is in touristy Dalupiri Island in San Antonio. Was about to go to Biri island but due to curiosity, went to San Antonio instead.. it’s worth the visit.

It’s kinda exciting to be writing about a place that is truly off the beaten path.. I think I found my next hiding place :D.. So how was the experience? It’s great despite lack of strong internet connection, it is best to go if you’re on vacation and not working online.. love their food though. More fiesta invitation please!

Here are some more details:

San Juan Island in Lavezares: you can reach this island thru banca only… no vehicles exist in the island.. community challenges involves limited electricity, limited cell signal and drinking water shortages (despite being surrounded by water)

san juan, lavesarez, north samar

But they have an impressive school, 2 large court and impressive wee chapel.. Community fundraising is kinda strong here too.. You can take a peek into one of the nipa huts and some have flat screen tvs, and I even saw a nipa hut have aircon xD.. winner!

They offer homestays for the curious visitors..

bahay kubo kahit munti, ang appliances doon ay sarisari

This one is the room of my friend, a veterinary doctor and a returned VSO Volunteer from Ghana and Laos. Let me know if you want to book the room ^_^

homestay in San Juan, Lavezares, North Samar

Dalupiri Island in San Antonio: This island has pristine white sands and the spring beside the beach makes you wanna take a bath, wash clothes, and drink the spring water at the same time.

bathing, washing clothes in the spring

And while you’re there, try to visit Lagbangan Eco Park and Beach Resort.. the owner of the place is the one who entertained us while we were dining in his Cafe so two thumbs up for being hands on, despite making us wait too long to be served… the wait was worth it ^_^

san antonio, samar

How to get there?
Both places can be reached via RORO, and has ~13-16 hours land travel from Cubao depending on traffic. Book a ticket to San Juan or San Antonio in Catarman via St Chritopher or DLTB bus near Shopwise or SM in Cubao.

Estimated costs:
Cost of bus fare is ~P1000.00
Boat to San Juan: P50.00
Boat to San Antonio: P20.00
Cottage fee: P600-P2000 depending on the type
Kiddie snacks: P1.00
Halo halo: P20.00

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  1. Cool! I’ve only been to Biri. I hope to explore more of Northern Samar next time. I believe it has a lot of gems untouched by commercial tourism, like the ones you featured here. :)

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