Reasons to stay home. Reasons to travel

It has been more than a month since I have arrived in my home country. To be honest, I’m actually enjoying being still and not going anywhere.

I still have traveled though, after I have arrived in the Philippines, I was in the provinces of Laguna, Bulacan, Iloilo, Cebu, Bohol, and now I’m in Antique and really am quite contented eating delicious foods cooked by my aunt; I love the unlimited clean air, unlimited rice, unlimited buko juice; and I quite enjoy visiting extended families in nearby villages to attend traditions such as Fiestas…

Dear Lord, thanks for spoiling me and letting me eat as much as I want and still not making me fat ;D

I’m also trying to teach my niece the dishes that I have learned to cook while I was traveling.

On the other hand, when I log into my social media network, I see pictures of people traveling here and there… to be honest, I feel tired for them :))

Guess I’m in the transition or phase of life where I’m starting to grow roots. Bad? Good? Well, everything has 2 sides of the coin. .

And now that funds are slowly being filled up, my mind is unconsciously planning where to go again. And these are the reasons for me to pack my bags and travel:

1. Ships are safe in the harbour, but that’s not what ships are made of…. on second thought, am I a ship?

2. I remember when I was in Lumbini in Nepal, someone asked me where I’m from.. I said Philippines. And then he went – “Phili—pines? Philadelphia?”

Philadelpia is in the USA, and its not pronounced as Phili–pines (like a pine tree).. Ok, I have a mission to educate locals where the tiny country with one of the largest populations on earth is located.

3. Life is short. And we pass this earth just once, might as well roam it before our time has come.. and hopefully enable other people to do the same way too..

There are also reasons not to go travel at the moment.

1. My niece is going to study college.. Since she grew up not having parents, and I don’t have a child, I should take over.. guess this is real responsibility calling.

2. My mom and aunt is getting old, they need a companion. And since I’m the single freelancer in the family, family members are looking at me to be beside my oldies…

guess I don’t have a problem with that since my Aunt cooks very delicious food… wait, I think I’m the one being taken cared of here :)).. snails and veggies anyone?

snails and veggies

3. I’m giving chances for others to travel too. I know there are lots of people who wants to travel yet can’t afford to. I’m working on a project to help these people travel. Hopefully, this idea will materialize.

I’m sure there’s a way to get around these challenges. But for now I’m not sweating it.. Surely all these challenges will have a solution. And sooner or later, I’ll be boarding that international flight again..

For now, let me enjoy sitting back, enjoy my time with family and friends, enjoy the unlimited clean air, unlimited rice, unlimited buko juice, enjoy my local way of life..


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