Mahabe Pagotan: Kasaysayan, kalinangan at lipunan ng mga Dumagat sa bahaging Bulacan ng Sierra Madre

Mahabe Pagotan: Kasaysayan, kalinangan at lipunan ng mga Dumagat sa bahaging Bulacan ng Sierra Madre

I only got a glimpsed of the book and never got to read it but I met the author, Missionary and President of Sagip Sierra Madre Environmental Society – Brother Martin Francisco.

That was during the Earth Day Celebration when I and other volunteers went to Angat Dam and met the Dumagat tribes of the Sierra Madre region. You can read more about the experience in

Brother Martin is very passionate about restoring the forest and making sure the Dumagats are living life with integrity despite their current situation. The tribe lives around vast natural resources, but they are prohibited to plant rice due to government regulations (long story).. I witness how hungry they were, and hope they can have the chance to have alternative livelihoods and be self sustainable.

If you buy the book, you can help the Dumagat tribes in a way too. Here’s more details about the book:

This book was published last 2012 by Center for Bulacan Studies, Bulacan State University in City of Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines .

Entitled Mahabe Pagotan: Kasaysayan, Kalinangan at Lipunan ng mga Dumagat sa Bahaging Bulacan ng Sierra Madre”, the 16-year in the making work was penned by Blessed Sacrament Missionaries of the Poor Inc. missionary and Sagip Sierra Madre Environmental Society President Bro. Martin Francisco. The book also features the geological foundation of Sierra Madre; ethnographic studies about the Dumagats conducted during the Spanish, American, Japanese, and Contemporary periods; and undertakings and issues on the forest protection in Bulacan. It is among the commemorative publications of the Center for Bulacan Studies for its 15th year in 2013. The book was also the Center’s tribute for the will launch on Monday, billed as “A Tribute to the Filipino nation” coinciding with the celebration of the university’s 108th founding anniversary of the Bulacan State University.

More details at:

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