Gifts of the Road part 2

Gifts of the Road part 2

I am remembering all the small act of kindness that was done by people whom I barely knew yet cared for me so much. Over the past few years, I have received numerous gifts while traveling with an alternative lifestyle, and this makes my heart glow until now. You can read part 1 of the gifts I receive here.

Nope, they are not necessarily cars, or expensive jewelries, fancy dresses, posh girls sandals, although I wish they could have been too, but they are more than material things that not many economically privileged people have…

I promise to not make people jealous because that’s not what I do.. I do however, encourage you to seek out the beauty that lies out there and hope you get to receive the gifts, those priceless gifts too.

You wonder what they are?

I receive the gift of understanding.

In Melaka, Malaysia, I was with Chinese, Malaysian, and Thai backpackers. Their english is not good.. yet we were able to get a good laugh and a great conversation over differences of food and religion.. why? maybe because we are talking using the language of the heart.

I receive the gift of trust.

For others, it is difficult to travel solo and not knowing anyone. But in the company of strangers, I found peace and refuge.. This happens several times in each country I have traveled.

Even while I was just walking along the streets in Laos, I found a foster Mother who let me sleep in her house even if we just met for the first time… She happens to be a Filipina and we clicked that moment.. I wish I was wearing a posh dress with fancy comfortable flats, but I was that simple solo traveler looking for a place in that backpacker area.. nevertheless still she took me in.I slept for free, but of course I treated her for lunch in return.

I receive the gift of funds.

I dont know where or how they were able to find me, but my travel funds kept pouring while I was on the road.. they are not from people I know, although I think my family would rather donate to needy people so I fully understand (if they left me out hungry in the streets, joke).. they are from strangers whom I haven’t even met yet and fully trusted to give me travel funds. It is not much but I was able to survive the road, thank you sponsors.

Gifts of health.

Travel is fun but it can be tiring and exhausting… specially when you’re on a budget. I don’t know how I survived different weather, different cultures, different way of thinking..

But my immune system adopted. Besides, who can be sick in this beautiful environment?
himalayas is beautiful

Gifts of care and love.

I felt loved. I felt love by waiters who got concerned why I didn’t finish my food, they must have recognized my stress while I was working online and eating at the same time.
I felt love by people who let me know the secrets of where the cheap buffet restaurants are located so I can survive the expensive city.
I felt love by locals who gives their genuine smile without any reason at all.
I felt love by my fellow travelers from every country who shared a wee portion of their lives with me
I felt love by all my adopted families in all countries I’ve been.
I felt love even by birds who pose still so I can take a good picture of them.

birds in pokhara

Because of all these gifts, I feel rich. And the most awesome thing of all is that this richness can also be experienced by everyone.. no need for hatred because we can have the gift of understanding.. no need for guns or wars because we have the gift of trust.. no need to feel poor because richness always can have different meanings.

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  1. When we send love out before us it’s always fun to go find it. We can always know it is there.

    I think that’s how you travel. I’ve seldom met couch surfers so willing to reciprocate as you do.

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