This Grasya is in Malaysia

This is my 3rd time in Malaysia.. the first time was last year when the plane went ahead of me so I have to sleep in the airport for 3 days :D

Now, I’m discovering more of what Malaysia has to offer… on a shoestring budget of course. Apparently, this shoestring budget led me to places such as Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Klang, and currently I’m now in Melaka.. And all the while I thought my budget will make me sleep in the airport again ;D

Masjid in Melaka

This is because great souls are out there conspiring to make this trip memorable.. I met all kinds of people here apparently, from Pinoys who have super mega drama story on how they were able to land in Malaysia, to super duper health conscious hosts who shared their bits of health wisdom to me.

As of the moment, while in Melaka, I’m just chilling out.. catching up with backlogs and strategizing on how to move forward when I get back to Pinas. If you are following my mis adventures, thanks for reading this far… ^_^

This blog is a big reason why I am able to travel, and hopefully in the future, I will allow others to travel too.. let’s see what the future holds ^_^

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